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Halloween is probably my favorite “holiday” and not just because it is my birthday either. No other holiday is surrounded by so many wonderful images of death and fright. I sincerely hope that this will change over time. I think that Tim Burton had some great ideas in “The Nightmare Before Christmas” regarding how to turn Christmas into a frightening holiday. Regarding Thanksgiving, most vegetarians/vegans already find this to be a frightening holiday. Here in Richmond folks actually get upset that there is no place to hunt “Wild Turkey”, except of course the variety that comes in a bottle.

Then again in New York where I grew up, liquor was not state controlled and you could actually purchase beverages of this variety from various “Liquor Stores”. The amazing thing about this is that different stores have different prices, thus you can actually save money. What a concept. Here in Virginia the prices are the same throughout the entire state regardless of wealth per capita. Is it really fair to charge the same liquor prices in Northern Virginia, as in Roanoke? Kind of strange. The state of Virginia is a bit backward as far as I am concerned that it is why we are going to change all that. We are going to be the first state to add a frightening aspect to each holiday.

Think of the wonderful fear inducing images that can be thought of for Easter alone. I am a big fan of honesty and I find that a bunny in no way brings across the true reason/meaning behind Easter. Easter is about Jesus Christ (the son of God) being crucified and then risen from the dead on Easter Sunday. Why not get rid of all the “Easter Baskets” and replace them with “Crucifixion Containers”? Each C.C. can be filled with the kind of treats that the kids really want----more images of death and destruction. Perhaps each C.C. could come equipped with a live action playset of Sodom and Gamorrah as it burned to the ground, or even better certain C.C.’s could contain only water to represent the floods that were unleashed on the earth, floating in the water could be a little paper boat in place of Noah’s Ark. What a great idea. Think of all the money to be made off a good old-fashioned change in holidays. What if instead of presents Santa who of course would have to undergo a major change in image, gave out weapons? Lets face it, all little boys want guns. It’s much easier to play G.I. Joe or even Pokemon when there is really something at stake. Unfortunately Christmas just isn’t dangerous enough. On Halloween you might get egged, sprayed with shaving cream, hit with a flour sock, or in rougher neighborhoods a sock full of quarters. These are fine for Halloween activities, but what if your child was able to inflict revenge upon little Bobby down the street who sprayed him in the face with shaving cream on Halloween. Its just 2 months away. Change Christmas to “Vindication Day”. You would get to complete acts of vengeance on December 25th just like God used to. Act out your own flood etc… Find out where your boss lives and set his shrubbery on fire. Hook up a microphone and speak to him as God spoke to Job. Tell him that he should give you a raise and not make you go to work anymore. Tell him if he doesn’t your wrath with fall upon him. Fun for the entire family. Watch as little Susie giggles with glee when you set her second grade teacher’s house on fire, because of the way she treated you at that Parent/Teacher conference. Better yet really give Susie a treat and let her throw that Molotov cocktail you’ve been saving at Mrs. Smith’s brand new SUV. What we need are more images or death and destruction coupled with an ever-building sense of fear. Halloween has some of this but not quite enough. Enjoy your day.


We drove down to Williamsburg to pick up Kim's new car last night. She is very pleased with it. Though I will not be driving it, I think it is a beautiful car as well. It is such a smooth quiet ride with plenty of space in the cabin. Very nice car to be a passenger in. Nothing else going on. Sorry everything is boring right now. It's hard to come up with things to write about when there is really nothing going on. Tommorrow is my birthday though so I guess that is sort of exciting. I hope that all of your lives are more interesting than mine is currently.


I am up early this morning and have already been reading that Aerosmith biography I bought for about an hour and a half. There is a new blogger over at Are you wearing a wire?, none other than Norm Arenas (ex--108, Texas is the Reason and currently a memeber of New End Original). A nice addition. I have to do the laundry today and with a little luck we will be able to go to Williamsburg and pick up Kim's new car tonight. Got some cash for my birthday which is currently burning a hole in my pocket. Perhaps I will finally be able to afford that bright pink strap-on I have been eyeing up.

Still waiting to hear from that job I had the phone interview for early last week. Hopefully they will call today or tommorrow. I don't actually expect them to call until at least tommorrow. Any time a company I am interviewing with tells me they will call me within a week, I expect it to be at least a week and a half before I hear anything. I need some breakfast. I will go and get some.


Kim purchased a new car yesterday. Got a really good deal on it too. I hate buying cars though, I always feel like they are trying to screw me. In most cases they actually are. In the end she ended up getting a beautiful car so it all worked out and was worth the bullshit. We are both just glads that it is over. For full details related to the vehicle check out Kim's blog.

Just got back from hanging out with our friends Rick and Chrissy. Cool folks. Anyhoo, time to go sit on my ass. I think I have really begun to master the art of doing nothing.


I took some of those on-line tests and here are some results:

----3% Geek
----38% Punk (It would appear that my work ethic is what brought the average down.)
----30% Goth (How the hell did that happen? I don't even like goth music, 2 of my friends did try to go get me to see My LIfe With The Thrill Kill Kult at the 9:30 Club last night though. Of course that in no way relates to the test)
Today we are going to Williamsburg. The intention is to pay a visit to the Williamsburg Honda dealership so Kim can perhaps get a new car. We will see what happens. They seem to have the best prices around anyway. The unfortunate thing is that I have dealt with them before when I was thinking about purchasing my car and they were kind of crappy to deal with. That was 4 1/2 years ago though, so maybe they have actually learned how to conduct themselves in a manner that will cause people to want to buy a car from them. Last time they drove me right to the competition. I know all of you are waiting with baited breath so I will be sure to update later and let you know what happened. Please feel free to post any applicable stories in the new "Comments" section, located directly below these words.


"Models United" is gone. Both of the models have gone into permanent retirement. They have asked me to thank all who have supported them over the years. In addition they asked that I thank all who linked to them and ask said individuals to please fix their links accordingly.
So I go to Lex's blog this morning, and I notice he added a spiffy new comments section. I did not know this was available through Blogger, but I do now and you will notice I now have the exact same feature available as well. Please enjoy my fine readers. This has made me very happy. Between the title that Corey did for me and the new Comments section I am totally stoked. I would also like to break my arm patting myself on the back and say that in the 13 weeks I have been doing this, the blog has come a long way.
When you are employed you have genuine achievements to be proud of. Usually anyway. When you are unemployed you have no genuine achievements to be proud of. After a while you begin to fill the void left by your lack of achievements with the most minor achievements possible. Today I am proud of myself because I toasted my bagel perfectly and my coffeee turned out well. How lame is it that this is all I can say I accomplished? Later it will move into: I read a lot today. Unemployement can become kind of pitiful.


Went down to the used book store where I have a ton of store credit. I picked up "The Serpent and the Rainbow", "The Autobiography of a Yogi" and most importantly "Walk This Way" the autobiography of Aerosmith. Boy did those guys live a crazy existence. The pictures of the band inside the book are ones of them messed up out of their heads. I bet this will be better than the Led Zepellin "Hammer of the Gods" book. Did anyone know that Jimmy Page's girlfriend towards the end of their existence was 15 years old? It's true. 70's band bios are the best. The sixties was about Marijuana and LSD, but the 70's were about Heroin and Cocaine, taken alongside lots of pills and tons of liquor. Now that's a way to live.
Listening to the new Fugazi and hanging out. It is really fucking windy today. All the stuff on the balcony is getting blown around. Watched the "Five Deadly Venoms" last night. I have decided to become a martial arts star. I have absolutely no training and am pretty out of shape. I am perfect for the part. People will love me. I think I will have to change my name though. I can't wait for them to attach the wires to me so I can walk up walls and walk on water and shit. Then all the people who ever treated me like shit will get to see me being bad ass. I will seek them out individually and beat the fuck out of them with my new found kung fu skills. Perhaps I will then be able to get in good with members of the "Wu-Tang Clan". O.D.B. and RZA etc.... Then I will be a Kung-Fu star and a rapper. Then I will truly be ghetto fabulous. Does anyone know where in Richmond I can get fitted for some gold teeth?


Not too much to say today. I still have not bathed. I just went to the library, Costco, and the video store to return Carnival of Souls (1962 version). I am in kind of a starnge mood. I am feeling a bit on the dehydrated side and will spend some time this afterenoon drinking large quantities of water. Off to the shower and then time to do some reading. Maybe I will have something intereesting to say later. Don't worry folks, as soon as I get a job again these posts will get a whole lot more interesting.


Though I am sure that you have already noticed the incredibly sweet title, please take notice of it again. Corey designed it for me and is even hosting the picture for me as I can't upload picture to Blogger. Pretty damn cool of him. Makes my site look special. Some day I will actually buy my own domain and redisign this whole thing but until then. Oh yeah I almost forgot, I have given Corey permission to change the graphic whenever he wants so be prepared. I tried to use my Angelfire site to host the image but that did not work out. Bastards.
There is one instument I cannot fucking stand: the flute. My neighbor across the street goes to VCU and appears to be a music major. The worst part of being unemployed is that the sounds of her practicing this god-forsaken instrument drifts into my apartment every afternoon. She generally practices for at least 2 hours a day. After 2 hours of listening to a flute, you go a little bit crazy. I close the patio door, I close the windows, I still hear her. Scales and scales and scales. It is happening right now. I feel like I am at a fucking Jethro Tull concert. I fucking hate Jethro Tull. My freshman year rommate listened to them and Rush all the fucking time. He used to practice the intro. to Tom Sawyer on acoustic guitar for hours straight. Someone kill me please.
I got a call at 5:30 last night to schedule a phone interview today. I just had my phone interview. It went really well. The lady was really nice to me and I answered all of her questions quickly and accurately. She gave me lots of posiitive feed-back throughout the interview. It was kind of a long phone interview though----almost an hour. She said that someone from the Richmond office will be contacting me within a week for a person to person interview. It is another Claims Adjuster job. This company is much larger and better known than the last one I interviewed for (it also pays a bit more). They also seem much nicer and more professional. I am in a good mood.


Walked over to Blockbuster to rent a couple of movies. There was nothing that I wanted until I walked into the previously viwed DVD section. I got the Silence of the Lambs Special Edition for $10. Good Deal. The only thing that sucks is that it is the "Full-Screen Edition" I did not even realize that there were 2 DVD special editions of the same film. Why the hell did they even make the full screen edition? I thought that everyone wanted the widescreen. Oh well. I am not really complaing just surprised. I can't complain too much when I look at the price I paid for it. It's still way better than my VHS copy even if it is the same format. I guess I know now why it was only $10 though.

I just did some more research. It turns out that way more copies of the Widescreen were made and that the Fullscreen edition is kind of rare. Perhaps one day it will be worth something to a "Fullscreen Collector". Probably not though.


Busch Gardens was fun yesterday. Kim is currently making vegan pancakes. I will write more about yesterday's activities later.


Back from drinks with Kim's co-workers. It was fun. The evening took on a very sad note at the beginning though. We went to this place called Mulligan's (its a sports bar) in the West End. When Kim and I worked at Applebee's there was an elderly man who was a host there named B.R. He is awesome. He also worked part time at Mulligan's. When we walked up to the building they have a billboard advertising the upcoming Fishbone concert, yes they have concerts there too, and above the Fishbone advertisement was written: In Memory of Nancy Holcomb. It took a few seconds to register but then I realized that Nancy was B.R.'s wife. She had cancer and it is not surprising that she passed away, but it still sucks. God Bless.
I really want one of those really wide watch bands like "Bikers" wear. I can't find one in non-leather (surprise). I really want one dammit. I try to avoid leather but I might succumb to the evil forces. Oh well. A bunch of my shoes are leather (as non-leather mens shoes are difficult to find--excluding the Pay-Less variety) and I don't have too much of a problem with that so I guess it is probably the same thing. For me personally, being completely vegan in diet and mostly vegan in dress is enough most of the time. After 2 1/2 years of being vegan sometimes things just have to give a little. Unfortunately, I have always liked and will probably continue to always like leather. The vegan police are at my door. I've gotta go hide the ice cream and steaks.
Last night Thomas, his roommate Chris and I went to see the Cursive show at Alley Katz. Doors for the show were at 9:30 and the first band (there were 3 scheduled) were supposed to take the stage at 10:30. At 10:00 this band sets up and starts to play. It turns out that Alley Katz added a fourth band to the bill. The first band were from Richmond. I forget their name but they sounded like a cross between Buzzoven, Eyehategod and Coalesce. They were mediocre at best. Up next was Sorry About Dresden on Saddle Creek records. They were boring as hell. Mediocre emo crap. The vocals and the lyrics were terrible and the bass player jumped around like a jackass. I hate to say it but style and appearance do matter, and these guys had no sense of style and all looked like they had just rolled out of bed or something. It was 11:30 by the time they get off the stage.

At almost 12 AM, the White Octave took the stage. The singer used to be in Cursive but left the band when he decided to study law at UNC Chapel Hill. These guys were great. Tight as hell. The vocals were melodic and the music was somewhat catchy while extremely powerful. Their stage presence was excellent all around. The singer/guitar player and the bass player had awesome custom guitars. It sucks that the first decent band all night didn’t go on until this late.

Cursive finally went on at 12:40 AM. These guys sounded great musically from the get go. They are all excellent musicians. The Cellist is an excellent addition to the band. Her talents are surprisingly well utilized by a band who exist in a genre where a cello is far from a standard instrument. As the evening progressed and the principal singer (T.K.) got drunker, the intensity of the performance grew accordingly. They played about 11 or 12 songs total leaving the stage at 1:35 AM. These guys completely control a room. The entire crowd, myself included-even though I am not particularly a fan, was completely enthralled. Two songs from the end, T.K. requested that someone please go to the bar and get him a beer on the Cursive tab. When he was brought 2 beers he then took off his guitar, pulled up his shirt and then astounded everyone with his ability to instantly make himself appear to be 8 months pregnant. A fat guy from the audience jumped up on stage and showed off his gut. T.K. conceded defeat but pointed out that the guy was larger than he was to begin with and then gave him a hug. This display was followed up with the phrase : “I’m T.K. and I need a dude to fuck me in the ass tonight. No wait I mean I’m T.K. for the ladies”. Musically these guys are top notch, kind of like watching Fugazi play older songs. Great dual complimentary vocals interwoven with complex guitar lines. I recommend checking these guys out if you are given the chance.

In other music news. The Hey Mercedes show on 11/2 is still happening, though it will not be at Alley Katz. They will be playing at a Gymnasium on the University of Richmond campus. UR is mostly attended by Dave Mathews' fans so it should be an odd combo. Burning Airlines and Death Cab for Cutie are also on the bill. That is going to be one heck of a show.

Tonight is cocktails with some of Kim's co-workers. Should be fun. Kim might change her mind about going though--either way. Tommorrow is Busch Gardens. Chris gave me the name of a really good temp agency last night. I think I will check it out next week.


Cursive tonight and Busch Gardens coming up on Saturday. Good times. I'll think I will have some coffee now.
Someone sent me an ecard this morning. I am unable to view this card at either of the links I was sent by e-cards. I receive the following message when I attempt to view the card:

Terms of Service Violation.

This greeting card cannot be displayed due to a terms of service violation by the sender of the card.

Our system is programmed to prevent the following types of abuse:

1) Offensive and/or harrassing behavior.
2) Sending more than 30 cards per day (SPAM).
3) Creating a nuisance and generating numerous complaints.
4) Using this service for commercial advertising purposes.

It appears as though I will never be able to view this card for one of the above reasons. As the email was sent to c_a_b13@hotmail.com, I know that the sender is in some way involved with this little blog here. I only use this address for this blog. To whomever sent the card, please feel free to send me an email letting me know something about the card etc... Thanks. I would imagine that the card falls under the Offensive and or harrassing behavior violation. You dirty individual.


Three West End kids were convicted of arson today. In May of this year, they went to go burn down a teacher's house. They were obviously too stupid to realize that they had the wrong house. They "accidentally" burned down the neighbor's instead and almost killed the neighbor in the process. I hope they get raped in the shower----Does one really need to hope for the inevitable? Good luck boys. They are currently out on bond until they are sentenced in January. I wish each of these kids owned a house just so somebody could burn theirs down too. Next time if you are going to burn a place down, at least get the address right. Fortunately all those big burly men in the big-house have the exact address and location of your assholes.
I just found a really cool website for upcoming film projects. It is upcomingmovies.com. You can search by actor, director etc... Lots of information on what you might (emphasis on might!!) be able to look forward to in the future. I recommend checking out what Quentin Tarantino has planned. Lets just say that for 2004, he is planning a WWII film most likely starring Adam Sandler. I am not kidding.
Someone just arrived at my site by searching for "picture of a sad man". Appropriate. Not much going on today. I need to go to the library and buy some crickets for the lizard to eat. I have decided to go the Cursive show at Alley Katz tommorrow night. I'm not really into them too much, but I really felt like seeing a show. Thomas says that they have a cellist in the band now, so I am pretty down with that. Apparently the album I used to have by them was their worst one so I figure they deserve a second chance, particularly in a live setting.
When an album I am really interested in is about to come out, I will avoid reading reviews etc... in order to assure that my impressions of the album will not be tainted one way or the other by the opinions of other individuals. Not that there was much press about Fugazi's The Argument beforehand I avoided it anyway. Well I can safely say after 4 listens, that the album blows my mind. The album is a giant progression from End Hits. I can honestly say that I like almost everything that the band has ever released, and I think that this is some of their best work. The incorporation of cello, piano, female backing vocals etc... is a very large step in the band's evolution. Since 1987 they have truly evolved into something considerably larger and more complex than a "Hard-Core Band". In the past Fugazi's music could often be described as disjointed, even atonal. The music would build to a crescendo and then back off and go someplace else entirely. Though I always have enjoyed this aspect of their music, I occassionally listened to past Fugazi albums and wondered what it would sound like if the songs went exactly where your ear was telling you it should go next. Well, there are many points on this album where the music does just that. The progressions are dare I say, catchy. This is the first Fugazi album I have ever heard that can be described as catchy. I know that Red Medicine is "catchy", but The Argument has many parts on it that are truly catchy (not just catchy for a Fugazi record), almost pop oriented at times. Perhaps Ian Mackye's Beatles obsession is finally factoring in. Needless to say, The Argument is an outstanding record. Recommended for fans as well as people who found their past efforts difficult to digest.


A Fugazi record with acoustic guitars, cello, female backing vocals, extremely catchy parts. Excellent but I need time to adjust. My conceptions of Indie-Rock have been shattered.
How 'bout those Mets?

This will be a painfully honest post. Today as I walked to the record store,(Where I indeed bought the new Fugazi which is probably some of their best work yet. I just stopped typing for about a minute to listen. It is so fucking catchy. God damn.) On the way to the record store, I was thinking about what I realize to be an unconscious reason of why I do not like sports. When I was 4th or 5th grade My Dad took me to see the Mets play at Shea Stadium. I grew up on Long Island and Shea was only about 7 miles from my hometown. On the drive home after the game (the Mets had won-not that either me or my Dad was a sports-fan really), we were on this exit ramp which had a traffic light at the end. The light was red and the cars were starting to back up. As we all slowed down the elderly woman in the car in front of us tapped the bumper of the car directly in front of hers. The guy who had been hit got out of his car as did the elderly woman. As soon as the guy got there he began yelling at this woman, he was really close to her and screaming directly into her face. My Dad got out of the car and walked up to them defending the old woman and telling the guy to back off. The guy started yelling at my Dad and my Dad reached into his back pocket and pulled out a switchblade, which he then flicked open and took a swipe at the guy with it. The back jumped back quickly and therefore my Dad's knife missed him. The light changed and we all got back in our cars (fortunately I never got out of the car). As we drove, the guys’ car pulled up on our left, the guy's girlfriend who was also present and now back in the passenger's seat, shouted that they had our license plate number and were going to call the cops. She than added that we better have a good lawyer. I screamed: “ We sure did!!!!” at them. Why I don't know, other than of couse I was 10. We then drove someplace where I can't remember, and my Dad threw the knife into some tall grass.

Later that night the phone rang and it was a detective. My Dad proceeded to deny everything. Then the detective asked to talk to me. When my Dad came and got me he told me that I needed to deny everything and say that there was no knife. I was told to say that they only argued. I then said ”…..but I was told to always tell the truth and that there was no knife is a lie.” My Dad then told me that if I didn't say that, that he was going to jail!!!! He seemed really pissed that I was even thinking about telling the truth. I then got on the phone and said some things I don't remember and then the Detective said "So there was no knife?" and I said that "If anyone had a knife it was the other guy but no there was no knife." I recall nothing beyond this point.

Now I get to the store and buy the new Fugazi and on the way home I run into this guy I went to college with. His name is Ken and he used to date this girl Meghan. He was best friend's with Scott LaGraize who dated Chrissy (my old boss at Sam Goody). So we keep looking at each other as if we recognize one another from across the street. Until finally he calls my name Scott then quickly followed by Opie. We actually go to shake hands but end up hugging instead. I always thought he was kind of annoying but I also thought he was really nice too, and when you are home all day you don’t mind seeing just about anyone most of the time. What I am saying though, is that this might not necessarily be a hug-worthy meeting. Anyway he introduces me to his girlfriend. He is older than me and his girlfriend is like 20 and skinny as a fucking rail. I shook hands with her and it was all fucking bones. Jesus. Anyway we then do the catch-up thing. Turns out he just passed the Barre exam. I was legitimately impressed. Being that most times I couldn’t pass a Rorshach test any thing of that stature is really impressive to me. And then of course MWC (Mary Washington college) has to come up. Turns out that his girlfriend’s cousin was some chick who used to come into the coffee-house on campus and thus the girl knows Fredericksburg people and has heard stories of me. I was then forced to tell him that I have blocked out a lot of things that happened at MWC and that those were some really dark times for me. I then regretfully did not remember her cousin’s name when it was presented for recognition. He then said he had to go get his girlfriend something to eat , and asked for my number-which I gave to him. I wonder if he’ll call. Knowing him—probably. Oh well, I don’t have to answer the phone if I don’t want to. Unfortunately just seeing him brings up some really difficult memories----unbelievable depression, intense sexual confusion, loneliness, an ex-girlfriend I can’t stand, people I don’t like etc…. Which makes for a fun time for me.

So what I am saying is here’s to thinking about shit, you don’t want to think about. You now have my soul.
AsKim does not have an email address for her blog, please feel free to send me emails encouraging her to dress up as a member of KISS for Halloween. If you go to her site you can read that her office is allowing the employees to wear Halloween costumes. She has now mentioned dressing up as a meber of KISS. I intend to do everything in my power to encourage this costume. I feel as though I will need some help so everyone who wishes to see some pictures of Kim dressed up as an original member of KISS (which member has yet to be determined) please drop us a note at :


In other news I have decide that one of the reasons "Requiem For A Dream" is as good as it is, is because it hurts just as much every time you see it. Ouch!

Nothing else going on. Think I'm going to head to the record store. Will the new Fugazi be with me when I return?
So Kim is buying me the new Fugazi for my birthday, but she actually left me the money to go buy it for myself today. That way I could have it as an early birthday present. Hot Damn. I might buy it. I might wait a few days. The only reason I might wait is I' ve bought a bunch of stuff recently and the Fugazi might fall through the cracks for a while and go unappreciated. We'll see.


Just watching Hannibal. There is a series of shots of the FBI's ten most wanted list in it. The first persn they show is Osama bin Laden. Kind of ironic.
Had a great ride today. Unfortunately the route went from the hardware store for the key and then to the landlords' office which I got lost trying to find. It is not as close as I thought. The receptionist was a total bitch to me. What the fuck is wrong with these people? I cannot wait until the day I get to tell one of them off. That day is rapidly approaching. More later.

Alex is right. I'm gonna teach them a lesson.
Keys, Kind of Like Spitting and Dynasty

Last week we get this letter from the landlords stating that they need a key to our apartment. Now we changed ownership about 2 months ago and my first thought was why have the original landlords not given the new landlords the key? So I got right on my high horse this morning (still acting pleasant though) and I called up the new landlords and got treated like crap. I explain who I am and why I am calling and the first girl waits 5 seconds and then says in her bitchiest voice: "Well we need you to give us a key." I then asked her what happened to the key that the old landlord had. She went and got someone who "might know" while I was on hold. The second woman said that they needed a key and that the first landlord has not gotten around to providing his set of keys. While this makes me a bit nervous, we both had a good laugh at the first landlord's inability to do anything effectively. I then asked the woman which door she would like a key to. She said the apartment. I said: "Well would you like the key to the front door or the back door?" She said she did not know and needed a key to the apartment to complete some repairs. I said OK how about the back door. She asked if it was readily accessible. I said yes it was. I then asked for directions to their office as the information on the letter has a street address listed that I have never heard of. She then acts like I am an idiot and tells me they are located on Franklin St. which is very close to our apartment. The whole time it seemed as though I was being treated like a moron for wanting to have my questions answered. Fuck them. In addition why I am I spending money to have a key made when it is actually their responsibility? I know it is only a dollar but there is a lot of principal involved here. I don't mean Victoria Principal either. Though an episode of Dynasty would be nice right about now.

In good news, I just sent out 11 resumes. The mail came and my new Kind Of Like Spitting disc was in there. It is really damn good. I will write more about it after a couple of more listens. Well time to go eat some breakfast and have a key made.
Went over to Thomas' house last night to look at his spiffy new BMW. It is really nice (of course!!) and incredibly fast. After going for a ride in the car we finalized our plans for Busch Gardens this coming weekend. Its gonna be fun. We came home and then I sat on my ass for the rest of the evening. It was good. Just looked through the classifieds and again there are a surprisingly large number of jobs I am qualified to do and for which I am going to apply. I just hope the bastards actually call me back, if not I know what their gonna get. Watch out fuckers.


It is a beautiful day here in Richmond. About 75 degrees and cloudy. Hung out last night and watched the second half of Blow and a bunch of the extra stuff. Some great special features on the disc. Listening to Nausea. I think we will watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory later. You like boring-ass-posts well we've got em right here.


Listening to Mineral's Endserenading. Christ that album is fucking great. I love it. The dynamics are incredible. When it crashes in on choruses it is still not heavy as such, but just as powerful a change. We went out Charlottesville today. It is a very pretty town. I think we would like to live there someday. Its like a mini-Richmond in a lot of ways. Great shops down near the college. Excellent Health Food store with great prices. One day perhaps we will move there. If I did move there I could maybe run into Dave Mathews on the street. That would be great. Then I could tell him mow much I fucking hate the majority of his fan-base. Perhaps soon even he will begin wearing a white baseball hat. He could have one made special for him that said in large letters "DAVE" and then directly under it in smaller letters have "Crappy College Rock University". He could even change his fan-club into a fraternity/sororiy and change the name to "Phi-Crappy College Rock-Kappa-Imadickhead"


We watched Pollack this evening. Ed Harris was great. What I learned tonight is the following: Do not get in a car with Jackson Pollack when he's been drinking. As he was almost always drinking I guess the lesson changes to: Do not get in a car with Jackson Pollack. After the film we went to Target and the grocery store. I bought some Diet Root Beer at the grocery store. Yummy. Time to get back to reading that Harry Potter that the kids like so much nowadays.
"Come out Virginia, don't let me wait....."

I rode over to the thrift store and a bought a bicycle helmet. It is a white Bell and was manufactured in 1991---Stylin'---well not really. I cleaned it up good and will apply some stickers later. I fucked up my left knee while out riding. Its mainly from not having used those muscles in a while, but I did hurt my knee in high school so it is also partially that. As soon as the muscles get built up again I will be OK though. I rode over to Maymont after the thrift store, where I sat under a tree and read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. When I became bored of reading I then went and visited the animals they have. The otters were asleep on the rocks. Time to go figure out what to make for dinner.

Fucking gardners outside the window with a weed-wacker. I hate that fucking sound. Oh if anyone is interested you can drop by my apartment to watch the Catholic High School girls when they get out of school at 3 PM. The school is 2 blocks away and they always stop in front of my apartment to buy cigarettes at the corner store, still in uniform of course.
The longest ride in a long-ass-time yesterday and I don't even hurt. I am a machine. A God. Love me. I think I will ride someplace else today. Where I don't know yet. Keep it real. Going to go listen to the MC5 now. Maybe I will buy a helmet today. I need one.


Made fried eggplant and linguine with a tomato, onion and garlic. Kim enjoyed it quite a bit as did I. We watched about half of "Blow" which Kim got for her birthday today. Now I am listening to the MC5 and do this while she does the dishes.
As today is Kim's Birthday I rode my bike down to the Farmer's Market to get some nice eggplant for dinner. I rode the fuck out of Richmond. Me and the bike couriers. Oh Yeah. Main Street has this giant fucking hill which almost gave me a heart-attack but I was cool other than that. Got some green tomatoes too while I was down there. Then I went to Plan 9 and got an MC5 disc used for $8. After this I went to the post office to mail off that parking ticket thing. I wanted to send it registered mail/return receipt. My Mom told me that it would cost $2-$3. It cost $9.09. Kind of sucks that to ensure my safety, even though they[the District of Columbia] are way wrong, it has cost me $14 so far to prove my innocence. $9 for the registered mail and $5 for the copy of the cancelled check. Fucking bullshit. Time to listen to the MC5 now.
It is Kim's birthday today. She is 37. That is correct. For all of you who thought that she was actually 2 years younger than me, she is actually 11 years older. She is not 24 today. She looks pretty good for her age you've got to admit. Those crows legs barely show up at all.

Nothing going on here. Time to go watch come movies. I seem to be getting a bit sicker so I will spend the day treating my illness. Perhaps I will treat it with a combination of peprmint shnapps and tea. It may not make me feel better in the long run but it would do so for right now. I actually think it is time to take a bath and read some Harry Potter while in the tub. Maybe I will venture outside today. Yesterday I did not leave the house until 8 PM to go to the video store and I was then back inside by 8:45. Went over to PJ and Marie's later last night to watch South Park. I am not particularly a fan of the show but at least hanging out with PJ, Marie, Rick and Chrissy was something fun to do. Kim stayed home and went to bed because she had to wake up this morning whereas I have nothing to do.


The life of the unemployed

I really don't feel much like writing, but I feel a certain sense of obligation so here I am. This is what I did today:

-Woke up at 8:00 AM
-Ate a bagel with some soy cream cheese
-Watched most of Dogma
-Went back to bed at noon
-Woke up 18 minutes ago

You are all up to speed now. I hope that all of your lives are as exciting as mine.
I finally got that rejection letter I was hoping for. I guess that is a bit of sarcasm, but I can't help but think that maybe it is for the best. They seemed to be really disorganized. I am just embarrassed that I called the guy this afternoon. Though the money would have been great the job is not too far away from that last place which was quite like the seventh level of hell. Though I have never been to the seventh level of hell I can imagine that it would not be very much fun. Blogger was fucked up all afternoon and evening so I am just getting around to writing this now. I know that all of you were thinking I can't go to sleep until I find out if Scott got a rejection letter in the mail today. Well now you know and I hope that you all have pleasant dreams when you finally drift off. That bastard who sent that rejection letter will be sleeping with the fishes by morning. Hear me jackass? I'm coming to get you.


Went to the library and Wal-Mart. I took out the next 2 Harry Potter books and bought a strange asortment of things at Wal-Mart. Included was toilet paper so as to avoid a repeat of last weeks "Paper Towel" incident. When I got home I finally broke down and called the guy from that Insurance Company I interviewed with. Needless to say he was away from his desk, so I left him a voicemail message stating who I am and letting him know that I am after him. I explained to him that he had 45 minutes to call me back and offer me the job before I came down there with some handcuffs and a pitching wedge. His time is running out. In all seriousness last time I called him after my first interview he never called me back, so I figure he won't call me back this time either.

Great pay + great benefits = lots of red tape when trying to get the job.

The worst part is I can't even give up hope and start temping because the company works so slowly that I am sure they are going to take longer than the designated 2 weeks they said it would be taking them to make their decision, and I would quite possibly get fucked by the Temp agency. If anyone out there wants to rough some people up please let me know. I will be happy to provide names, addresses, and physical descriptions.
I just did something really stupid. I locked myself out of my apartment and Kim had to come home from work and let me in. Fortunately my neighbor Marie let me hang out at their place until Kim's lunch time. Thanks Again Marie!!!! I feel like a fucking idiot.

Sent out a bunch of resumes today. Hopefully something will come through soon. I'll write more later when I have something to say.


Why is Pabst Blue Ribbon so darn tasty? Much like Lays Potato Chips, you can't have just one.

Stephen finally got himself a blog. It can be found right here.
Kim is home sick from work today. We just went to the thrift store and Plan 9. Nothing at either location. On the way up the stairs we ran into our neighbor P.J. who informed us that he has gotten a new job at Legend, a Richmond brewery. The make great beer and P.J. is a home-brewer so it is pretty much a perfect match. I wish that I could find a job that perfectly matched my interests. Oh well at least someone I know is lucky enough to have done so. Kim is eating Lunch I am doing this. Not very exciting.

I wanted to go to the library to take out the next Harry Potter book but the library is closed today in celebration of Columbus Day. From the point of view of the Native Americans this is certainly not a day to celebrate. In their honor I declare today: "Murder Your Families, Steal Your Land, and then Rape Your Land Day". I feel this is a much more accurate account of the events since Columbus set foot on these shores. Never forget folks, we do live on stolen land. While we criticize other sountries for their expansionist policies, we quickly forget that we are guilty of those very same acts. In this time of war I think it is important that we take into account the past mistakes of our own country as well as the mistakes of others. I find that it helps to have a bit of perspective. Anyway my thoughts on the current war are the same as they were last night. If bin Laden is in Afghanistan great, but if he isn't we better find out really quickly. A video tape with a cave as a backdrop is not solely indicative of a location within Afghanistan. Just a thought. My heart goes out to the families and friends of all innocent casualties associated with both the September 11th attacks and the Afghanistan Offensive. Thousands of years and we still consistently slaughter one another. It still hurts.


So we are at war. Funny this whole situation smacks of a certain President's Daddy's war from the early 1990's. When the events of September 11th went down I am sure that George W. rubbed his little hands together, and wet himself as he realized the opportunity ahead of him. He knew that he would be able to turn these events into a way to gain massive support. I am not denying that the current "war" needed to be waged and is justified (if we are waging it in the correct place), I am just saying that most politicians enjoy incidents such as these. What better way to raise your popularity than through an act of justice/revenge? It worked for his Daddy too. Coincidence? Of course after the Gulf War Georgie Sr's popularity dropped through the floor. Sometimes these things backfire. Cross your fingers Georgie and you better hope bin Laden is still in Afghanistan, because if he isn't you are in big trouble.

One last thing; can I please see some concrete evidence of bin Laden's guilt? I will whole-heartedly support our "retaliation" once I see undeniable evidence of bin Laden's guilt. From what I have heard, it certainly seems that he is indeed responsible but I have yet to hear of any undeniable evidence. Though at the same time he is no longer denying responsibility, which if he was innocent he would certainly be proclaiming as much while under attack. All I want is any seeds of doubt to be removed.

Good Night. Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite.


Back from Williamsburg. Everything went really well. Both sets of parents seemed to really like one another. Kim and her parents are playing Scrabble in the dining room. I personally detest the game and am thus in here typing this. Kim just put her Mom's new Elvis CD in the stereo. He is "The King" you know. We ate lunch at the Mongolian Buffet near my parents house and we are all really full right now. Well Kim's Mom, Kim, and myself are anyway. Kim's Dad is a pretty big dude and is probably approaching hunger again. We are going to do some shopping at the mall tomorrow. I finished the fiest Harry Potter this afternoon. It was really good. With all the hoopla surrounding the books I figured I wouldn't like them but I liked it a whole lot. It reads really fast and I am kind of dumb so the combination worked out really well. Attention all dumb people: go read some J.K. Rowling.
I made a nice dinner last night for Kim and her parents. Everyone seemed quite happy with the meal, it was some sort of Lentil pasta thing. Kim found the recipe on-line. Kim is currently out shopping with her Mom, while I am hear typing this and "keepin' it real for my readaz". We are leaving for Williamsburg at around 10:30. Let us all hope that the sparks do not fly. Pray for me.


Damn it looks like Luscious Lex had a good time last night. I am getting ready to release a new single of my own. Its off my forthcoming album. Its called "Slide My Piece Up In Her Ass Until My Gun Goes Click". Its my first true Hip-Hop Love song, that is of course if you dismiss "Fuck A Bitch, Kill Her Man" as a song about loneliness and lost love. Pimps Up! Hos Down!


We never run out of toilet paper. Guess What? We ran out of toilet paper. In a household where the only residents are both vegan toilet paper is a necessity. When you are vegan it is a good idea to have lots of extra on hand at all times. I have to go to the store and buy some. I have been using facial tissue all morning. If I don't get some soon I am going to have to move onto paper towels. If you have ever had to use paper towels for this purpose you know it is not a pleasant experience. They are rough. Very rough. I am going out to the West End to go to Best Buy so I will just pick some up out there. I have to buy Kim's birthday presents at Best Buy and also buy Kim's Mom a Birthday present from Kim. I have to pick out an Elvis Greatest Hits Compilation. As there are about 300 of those on the market it should only take 4-5 hours. At least it will give me something to do. I know what songs I am looking for so that should make it easier anyway. While I am out there I also have to find some ideas of things for people to get me for my 26th birthday which is rapidly approaching. There is so much that I want who knows what I should choose? It will be difficult.


So I started reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone this afternoon. It is pretty damn good. A nice easy read, considering it is directed to grade school kids and I have a College education, I should hope that it would be. We just watched Billy Elliot. It was excellent, a truly great story. Boy can that kid dance. Everything was top notch, the acting and cinematography in particular. Kim and I both loved it. I recommend it, though I would suggest watching it with the subtitles on to make the dialogue a bit easier to understand.

I washed Kim's car tonight in preperation of her parents' visit. It should be cool. Both sets of parents are finally going to meet on Saturday--should be interesting. With a little luck my Dad will keep his mouth shut. Well I can hope can't I? Though I am sure that my Mom will tell him in no uncertain terms to keep his mouth his fucking mouth shut. She will probably use these words as well. No I am not kidding either. I come from a long line of folks who curse like dock-workers.

Not too much going on otherwise.

The absolute best Google search ever: "Horny Kim". I love it. I just asked Kim, and she is not Horny. Looks like this guy will have to go someplace else. Sorry.
About 8 months ago Kim ordered some stuff for me from No Idea Records, they were out of one of the items and sent me a credit slip instead of the item. The credit dlip has been on our fridge since then. Well I finally decided what to redeem this slip on. A "Kind of Like Spitting" CD. I have one of their (actually more like "his"--its pretty much one dude) CDs and it is in constant rotation currently. I hope the one on its way is just as good. I also mailed off a resume. I am sure that they won't call me but the effort is important.

Went to the record store and got an old issue of MOJO for $4. It has interviews with the cast of Spinal Tap and Bob Dylan etc... Awesome British magazine. I recommend checking it out though it is usually $9 an issue. Off to the Library now to get the first Harry Potter book.


Walked ro the thrift store this afternoon and on the way home I saw Jason, the guy that does my tattoos. He races road bikes and he was out riding with a friend of his. Even though I have seen him out riding before, I still get a good chuckle of someone completely covered in tattoos wearing spandex. Even though it is completely appropraite for the activity, the spandex just always seems out of place on him.

Watching Spinal Tap w/ the commentary for the umpteenth time. The cat is asleep in the window. We have to go to PetsMart tonight to buy some new stuff for our lizard. I also thoroughly cleaned the living room. Kim's parents are coming to visit this weekend so the apartment needs to look good, and as I am extremely unemployed this is an excellent task for me. This is a really boring post and I don't care because you are reading it anyway aren't you?

I have been thinking more and more that living in the south has really started to get to me. My favorite beer is Pabst Blue Ribbon, when I drink beer I use a beer cozy (mine was actually a present--it is orange and says Outer Banks, NC on it), and I have really started to like old firebirds (late 70's early 80's models). Next I will be cultivating a mullet and learning the "drywall" business. I hope I can stop this before it is too late.
Not too much going on here today. Just being bored and hoping that someone calls me about a job. Its exciting I tell you. We watched "Saving Silverman" last night. Jack Black was excellent, however I felt that many of the jokes were incredibly stale and predictable, but I guess that is the nature of a "Teen Comedy". I will write more later when I have something to say.



I have stumbled upon a new blog written by two fashion models. I wonder who these models are and why their names are Scott and Kim? It is called Models United. What a stupid fucking name.
In the last 2 days 12 people have gotten to my site through Bin Laden related searches. All are related to making fun of him. I am not saying that the man is not worthy of a few laughs but none of my posts have actually been making fun of him.

Kim and I have decided that we are going to wait on the doggie. She is a great animal but we are concerned about money and the space we currently have to offer a dog. In addition we are worried about the whole cat/dog thing. The thought of bringing in a dog that could end up harming the cat is a very scary prospect. I mean we really want a dog but I think we need to wait a while.
Sometimes I am so sexy I cannot contain Myself.

Today as I walked down the street 3 people became light-headed as I passed: one man, one woman, and an individual of undetermined sex. I pretended as though I did not see them as they fell to the ground before me. Should I assist them I thought, No, a model of my stature should not stoop to help such lowly commoners. To be a model is to be a deity, I can give life and I can take it away. In this situation I chose to let them fend for themselves. None of them appeared to be worthy of divine intervention. If they die then perhaps they can return to this earth as a model. Like me. Today I am wearing vintage Puma Easy Rider tennis shoes ($15---from Fantastic Thrift [Richmond Shop, not Berlin]), Hanes ankle socks, Khakis ($17---K-Mart), and an Airborne Ranger T-Shirt ($.50 Yard Sale in Arlington, VA [not Texas]). I look exquisite.
Last night I went to bed at around 11. At 1:30 AM we were woken up by the sound of the loudest banging you have ever heard. I realized quickly that it was our steam radiator in the bathroom. The banging lasted all night, I was up trying to work with it, bleeding the pipes etc..., until 5:30. I of course was unable to rectify the problem, as I have no idea what I am doing. Hopefully the pipes will work in (they have not been used since April) and the banging will stop soon. I feel like crap as a result of being up half the night. I will just have to drink until I feel better. PBR here I come. Actually it will be more like send out some resumes and then sit on my ass.