I have been having kind of a shitty time of things recently, so I was totally stoked when I realized that Plan 9 was having their anniversary sale. The anniversary sale means everything not on sale already is 20% off. I couldn't find anything except a Beatles poster, until I happened to walk by the box sets. Wow. I found a used copy of the Misfits box set ($36 after discount) and a used copy of the Samhain box set ($40 after discount). The Samhain box set is missing the comic book that originally came with the set. However this is no great loss because all the fans say the comic was fucking stupid. I meant to spend like $10 and ended up spending $85 but that's actually half price from what the items would cost new. Oh well. Did I mention the Samhain box set is out of print? No? Well it is. Just thought you should know that.