I just stopped at Plan 9 on a whim and found 3 out-of-print Elliott Smith 7" singles. I am so happy about it, I could burst. Two of them cost $6 and one was $5- good prices. A couple of the employees were actually jelous that I found them before they did. All of them very hard to find. They are:

Elliott Smith "Ballad of a Big Nothing" b/w "Some Song" & "Division Day" on the Domino label
Elliott Smith "Baby Britain" b/w "Walyz #1 (demo) on Dreamworks
Elliott Smith "Division Day" b/w "No Name #6 on Suicide Squeeze (not the re-issue)

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was very cool. Lots of great stuff, actually too much to take it all in. I am not going to list all of the cool stuff, but my favorite piece was the bass that Paul Simmonon of the Clash is smashing on the cover of "London Calling." They also had tons of awesome guitars, stage outfits, and two very cool cars - Janis Joplin's psychadelic porshe and the car from the ZZ-Top videos. If you are ever in Cleveland you should definitely check it out, especially if you are a music-geek.


Tonight is the last night of class for the semester. I am taking a few semesters off, since after tonight I will have the classes I need to teach, then its juct 5 more classes for my masters.

This weeekend Kim and I are goinmg up to visit her family in NY and we are all going to take a road-trip over to Cleveland. I am going to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and I am pretty damn excited about it. It will be really cool to see all of the Memorobelia they have. I am particularly looking foward to their collection of guitars, to be that close to the instruments that some truly amazing musicians played will be awesome.

I had other stuff to say but I forgot what it was. Guess you'll just have to spend the rest of the day wondering.


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Almost done with my classes for the semester. Next week is the last week.


At the end of the month, Paint A Vulgar Picture will turn 3. Here's a link to my very first post. Three years of pure joy. Just think, when I started this thing I was working for C!rcuit C!ty and pretending that I didn't have a voice so I didn't have to answer the incoming customer service calls, now I will be starting my first year under contract to teach govenment.

In completely unrelated news, there has recently been a great deal of discussion regarding the possibility of another terrorist attack. I think we should all learn to view a future attack as inevitable. The US was not liked in the middle east region prior to the Bush presidency, and the administration has consistently made very large mistakes with regard to regional foreign policy. There will more than likely be an attack near election day if not before. The incumbent was voted-out in Spain after the Madrid bombing and al-queda will more than likely attempt a similar feat. There are definitely al-queda cells operating in this country, and they are definitely planning something. The news has glossed-over this issue, but some of our allies have recently warned us of an impending attack, just like before 9-11. Hopefully this time we'll listen. For those of you who doubt what I am saying; I accurately predicted that a massive terrorist attack was imminent long before 9-11. I am no genius, I simply have a background in the study of politics and I am able to read the writing on the wall.


I have so many problems with my genitalia it is ridiculous. Everyone knows about the hernia and the epididymitis, but here's the catch. Basically the EP is now considered a chronic condition. The doctor's offer no help, except of course antibiotics that have little effect and are extremely pricey. I found an on-line support group that has given me some good advice and the herbs it recommended alleviated most of the pain, but of course it comes right back once I discontinue the herbs. At least I am only using herbs to combat the condition, so I am running little risk or permanent damage. It would be nice if I could get the condition to go away for more than a couple of days though, since I have been dealing with this for over a year and a half now. The best part is that no one knows what causes it, of course there is some common ground amongst those who suffer with it. I think it started for me as a result of my hernia surgery, catheters have been known to cause it, at least that's what us lay-people think. The doctors tell us we're crazy, and refuse to believe that these herbs help which are:

echinacea - boosts the immune system
goldenseal - a natural anti-biotic
bromelain - a natural anti-inflamatory
fenugreek - a supplement which thins the body's fluids
fennel - also helps thin the fluids and keep them moving
Also helpful though I don't take it is Saw Palmetto

If you suffer from Epididymitis give these herbs a try. Unfortuantely, I am basically taking them continuosly with appropriate breaks of about a week after I have completed a cycle, but I have hope. These herbs combined are much cheaper than a visit to a urologist and a course of cipro, and they work better. If you want to know about dosages and where to purchase these herbs, please email me (there's a link on the right).


I am really glad to hear that John Kerry chose John Edwards as his running-mate. I think that is a winning ticket. In other related political news, I was listening to NPR and a White House representative was saying that Edwards is a bad choice for VP since he will be thinking of his future in politics and will have an "agenda" other than the position. The spokesperson went on to add that since Cheney is a great VP because he has no other agenda. It amazes me that the White House refuses to recognize Cheney's business interests as an agenda. Hopefully we only have to look at another 5 months of this administration.

If your voter regisration information needs to be updated, do it ASAP. It takes months for it to go through and you will want it straightened out by November.