Just read a post on the Lungfish (as in the DC band) Myspace page from a few days ago, and a guy posted -said he ran into Dan Higgs in Glasgow and asked him about Lungfish. According to this guy, Higgs said something like: "Lungfish has gone as far is it go." implying they're finished. Kind of hearsay and no official announcement, but after almost 19 years, it's likely. Sucks if it's true, but inevitable. In other Dan higgs news, he has retired from tattooing. Sucks and this info. is certainly not new, but that is DEFINITELY true.

Work is sh*t. Looking for a new job. Finding a new job is easier than a murder spree, and in its own way equally gratifying.

Tom Waits is not sh*t. Not really looking for him, though I have been listening to a lot of his stuff lately.

Not much to say recently. Tons of stuff I could talk about, but using this as a place to bitch seems pointless.

Go read some Bukowski, or something.