Here is one of many things that I do not understand; individuals who are a member of a minority group who make blanket statements about another group while simultaneously striving for equality. Let me explain; I completely agree that discrimination of all varieties is one of the biggest problems facing this country, however just because one group is oppressed does not mean that in their quest for equality for their own particular minority group, they should then make negative statements about another group. What brought this little diatribe on was an interview I read with Kathleen Hannah of Le Tigre in the new issue of Tape Op magazine. In the interview she makes the following statement:

"And also as a woman, I've had enough bad experiences with men in recording situations that I like to have as many decisions already made before I go into a room with a male engineer..."

I completely understand her viewpoint, and I do agree that a lot of men are not the kind of individuals I want to be associated with either, but when she makes a statement like this it makes it that much easier for a macho--dickheads to dismiss her as a man-hater. While I know what she is getting at, I guess I am just trying to point out that if she makes rash generalizations about male recording engineers and she has no problem doing it, then how can she state that it is wrong for men to make similar statements about women and not appear to be a hipocrit. I completely support her trying to advance the cause of women's rights, as unfortunately women are still treated differently then men. I guess I just wish she would realize that there are plenty of men out there, including myself---though I am not a recording engineer, who are completely behind her. If you look at this statement, which is not out of context, it appears that she is pre-judging individuals in a particular job-role based upon the fact that they have a penis. She does go on to say the following:

"...even though Chris is really supportive and awesome to work with."

I am glad that she has found a male engineer she can work with, and I understand that her past experiences have been negative. However, I do not understand how she cannot step back and realize that those negative experiences were brought about by people who unfortunately HAPPEN to be men, as oppossed to experiences being brought about BECAUSE they were men. It appears she has learned that not all men are difficult to work with in the recording studio--which seems to make her prior statement unnecessary. I guess my point is that making broad statements about men (or any group) in a particular profession (regardless of past experiences) is wrong and unfair. I am sure that she would be pretty angry if someone judged her as being a poor female musician based upon hearing a Donna Summer record that they didn't like sometime around 1978. Just a thought.

Happy Easter.


It was very warm today. I like Spring.


I am thinking of joing BMG again. I was a 'member' while in high school and if you manage to avoid having them send you albums that you do not want, it really is a pretty good deal. It really does work out pretty well overall. The shipping and handling kind of sucks but you really do end up with 12 albums for about $50. A pretty good deal, especially when James Brown's 'Live at the Apollo' is part of the package. I know that I can 'make it funky', can you?

Tonight is technically my Friday since I am off tomorrow and Saturday. I am excited about not having to go to work for a little while.


The weather is taking a turn for the better. It appears that Spring is in full swing.


My bag just arrived. I am pretty damn excited. It looks great. It's big enough to stick my cat in. Awesome.


After careful consideration yesterday afternoon, we decided to skip the Fugazi show in the interest of keeping warm. Even if they moved the show inside and I didn't know about it, I've seen the band a bunch of times anyway. To be honest I was not even really in the mood to go to a show last night. I guess that I am getting old. Today we went to Williamsburg to visit my parents. It was pretty mellow and slightly boring overall---much like this post.

Still no Timbuk 2 bag. They tell me it will be here Monday. I am aroused just thinking about it.


Originally it was suppossed to be a high temperature of 70 degrees today, now the high is going to be 45 with a low of 23. Looks like both Fugazi and the audience are going to be pretty damn cold tonight. I just checked to see if they had moved the show indoors. They haven't yet.


Timbuk 2 shipped my bag already. That is some speedy manufacturing. They sent it to me via Airborne Express Ground which means I can track the package too. The current estimated arrival date is this coming monday. You will all have to hold your breath until then.


Last night after my presentation this girl gives hers. She starts by saying that her project is based on her favorite band. I was sitting in the back thinking that judging by her apparent age she was about to regale us all with a design project dedicated with all of her little beating heart to Justin Timberlake of NSYNC, or perhaps Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys. I was ill prepared. The image file was incredibly large (due to attachments I did not yet know about) and the Gateway computer that was being used was running extra slow last night, so there was about 10 seconds of silence before I saw the image on the overhead. Her favorite band was Cinderella. She had designed them a tour poster for their upcoming summer tour. It got better very quickly, she had attached a copy of Cinderella's Long Cold Winter to the image and was playing it for us. She then began attempting to open an animated Cinderella tour promotion that she had created. Once again the computer was unable to accomodate a file of this size (fortunately I got see it later when she was able to open the file on the computer at her desk). Have you ever stood around with a group of predominantly African American, middle-aged people and watched a Cinderella tribute? I now have. So here we are deciding to temporarily forgo the animated video, by discussing the tour poster she had designed. It was actually really good---although highly amusing due to the level of strangeness of the whole thing. It was typical hair-band design. A picture of the band with a rattlesnake imposed on top, accompanied by some text saying 'Tour 2002' and of course the Cinderella logo. For her last presentation she had made a posterboard printout (complete with glitter) for us to look at, regretfully there wasn't one this time. The subjects combined last time where Camden yards and a picture of some stars. I think that I am going to wear my Cinderella 1988 tour t-shirt next time and try and pick her up. Community college, worth the price of admission if only for the amusement.


I just gave my presentation, the class seemed to like it and no one asked me about the religious and tattoo imagery. Cool.
Stephen had another baby. Congratulations!!!!!


I usually don't work on Saturday's but I worked last night and I spent most of the money I made already. How did I do this you ask (especially on a rainy Sunday morning)? Very easily--- I finally sucked it up and after 4 years of wanting one I purchased a Timbuk 2 messenger bag. I went ahead and used their "Custom Bag" feature. My bag will be the medium size, Forest Green on the left and right with the color Steel in the center. It will have a shoulder pad and will be made for a left handed person (i'm right handed but I carry my bags like a lefty.) All told including shipping it was $81. Seems like a lot to those not familiar with the product, but the bag will last a very very long time.

I have my second design project due tomorrow night. I am done with it and I have to say that it looks really good. The religious imagery has already crept into my work. I better get an A.


Most people really don't like the University of Richmond, however late last year they brought that Hey Mercedes show and now another reason. On Friday March 22 Fugazi will be playing a free show at the University of Richmond. The show starts at 7:30 and and will be at a place called The Greek Theatre, according to Kim this is an outdoor venue. For anyone who whould like to see this fine show, you can get more info. here. The band Rah Bras is opening up. I found this out last night in the midst of a truly shitty work-week, my night got a whole lot better after that. I've seen the band play many times, almost as many as the ill-fated Union Deposit Road, and the two other times I have seen them play Richmond they were incredible. I can't wait to see some songs off the new album performed live, I saw some songs live before the album came out but I feel that I am much better equipped to enjoy them now that I am more familiar with them.

Here's another link to an interview with Guy regarding their upcoming show.


So I had that test last night. It was really easy if you actually pay attention to what the teacher says. At the last class meeting the teacher said that she would be taking the questions directly from the 'Review Questions' in the book. It seems that most people do not actually listen and thus missed this key peice of information. While they were handing in half completed tests last night, I was busy answering every question which were indeed verbatim from the book. How can people fuck up community college classes? They basically give you the questions and the answers ahead of time (at least in my classes anyway).


I have a test tonight, but I am having a very hard time studying. I am lacking motivation.


I was driving to work earlier this evening when I realized that I want to have a vegan pot-luck dinner and invite some of the vegan celebreties out there. I would have Weird Al Yankovic, Rikki Rocket of Poison, Moby, Woody Harrelson and Fugazi. Of course I simply couldn't leave out Drew Barrymore, Geoff Tate or Queensryche, or Gillian Anderson. Last but not least, the most honored guest would be the woman who played the character in The Exorcist, whom my cat is named after, Linda Blair. Everyone could make their favorite dish and then we could all sit around and talk afterwords. This would be possible except for the fact that I am what they call a 'nobody' and mean absolutely nothing to any of those people, in addition I have no way to get in touch with any of them. Unfortunately it appears this is just another in a long series of let-downs. Fucking celebrities. Who the hell wanted you at my party anyway?!!


Today is going to be a high temperature of 74 degrees, Kim and I are going to go to Hollywood Cemetary to walk around. It's kind of morbid on the surface, but in actuality it is a beautiful old cemetary with an excellent view of the James river. Tonight I am actually going to venture to a 'Happy Hour' with Kim so we can hang out with some people that she used to work with. Should be fun.


Work was busy last night, today we have to get Kim's oil changed. Not the oil in Kim's body but rather the oil in her car. Despite popular believe Kim is not a cyborg I created in my basement laboratory. Work again tonight. I really can't wait until I am done with school for the second time. I am really sick of working jobs like this. I like my current job OK, but my boss is one of the laziest human beings I have ever encountered. Most restaurant managers have a decent work ethic--not my boss. He spends more time on the phone, and in the office doing 'paperwork' than anyone I have ever seen. Once you throw in constant smoke breaks (I suspect many of those breaks involve the marijuana variety as oppossed to the tobacco variety), you get a man who essentially does nothing and constantly wants me to do more so he can then do less. A while ago the owner mentioned something to a co-worker about replacing my boss. God, do I hope that it happens soon.


I had the high bid with 20 seconds left, but I was outbid in the end. This sucks. Oh well.
I am here. I am tired. I am ready to kick some Ebay ass. Turns out my suspicion that other folks were watching this item and getting ready to bid, was correct. There have been 2 bids since I last checked before bed last night. The price however is still within the 'excellent deal' range. I am sure that you are all on the very edge of your seat right now.


There is an item I want on Ebay. The auction will be ending at 5:53 AM EST tomorrow morning. I hate to admit it, but I am planning on waking up just to bid on the item with a minute left. I just want the bast price possible, and doing shit like this is half of the fun of Ebay as far as I am concerned. I feel like a loser doing it but at the same time I really don't give a shit. I want my 3 row rubber pyramid spike punk rock belt, and I want it now dammit. If my plan works I will be getting it for half of the retail price. I am the king of bargains.


I finally figured out a great way to deal with that guy at work that has been driving me nuts. I wait for him to say one of his asshole comments and then I counter that comment with some of the lewdest sexual remarks directed at him. Here are some examples---(B) stands for my co-worker:

(B) Insert Asshole Comment Here.
(Scott) I think that you would look really good with a ball gag in your mouth, not one of the orange ones though. I think that a blue one would really accent your complexion. Bob, don't you think he would look good with a ball gag in his mouth?
(B) That's fucking gross! (He now walks away)

(B) Insert Asshole Comment Here.
(Scott) OK, how's this? You be Harrison Ford and I am Airforce One under terrorist attack, take me back under your control.
(B) That's fucking gross! (He now walks away)

Later still:
(B) Insert Asshole Comment Here.
(Scott) You look tense, do you need a massage? I'm warning you I don't eat ass, but I will lick your balls if you're nice to me.
(B) That's fucking gross! (He now walks away)

This guy is an ex-frat boy who while makes many lewd homosexual requests himself (i.e. Hey would you lick my balls?), but obviously cannot take the comments being directed at him. Unfortunately for him, he has finally found someone that he can no longer get the best of. The best part is that I actually use my comments to defend other people when he is saying shit to them. Not only do I get to make him walk away and leave myself or a co-worker alone, everyone laughs at him as he walks away.