Sometimes I don't post because I feel like I have nothing to say, other times I don't post because I am occupied with other matters. This is one of the latter times. The reason the posts have been scarce is beacsue Kim and I are actually planning our weding. After nearly six years of being together and three years of being engaged we are finally going to go legit. My dreams of commonlaw marriage are over. But seriously, the wedding will be very small, only immediate family, and will take place on May 8th. Yes that's Mother's day, but no Kim is not pregnant so it isn't symbolic. There will be a large wedding reception in NY state on July 23. Some of you who are reading this will be invited, others possibly not, but you will all be with me in spirit whether you choose to attend or not. Its a bit of a drive to get there, but if you've never been to Western NY state in summer, you are missing out. Beautiful weather and scenery. The reception will even take place in a room where Sammy Davis Jr. once played. That is very cool even if you don't like the Rat Pack, but for me its amazing.

Hope all is well.