Since I am going to see The Dead, I really want to do something to shock the rest of the crowd. I have a few ideas:

1. Shave my hair into a mohawk, dress as classic punk rock as possible, get wasted and try and start a pit during Uncle John's Band.

2. Dress up as Jerry Garcia and pay a bunch of stoned hippies to follow me around throwing flower petals at my feet, and screaming: "He Is Risen!!!!".

3. Play a game of tie-dye-punch-buggy with my neighbors at the show. This will involve punching each other every time we see a tie-dye shirt.

4. Make fake marijuana out of dried sage and glue, sell this mixture for a handsom profit or sell little sheets of paper as "acid."

5. Fake a "bad trip", included will be swatting at imaginary dragons, rolling around "on fire" and taking off all my clothes.

Please feel free to vote.
It always amaze me how when it seems as though something comes up that I am very excited about, that something else goes wrong. Kim woke me up this morning to tell me that Dylan is playing with The Dead near her parents house in August. Dylan will be playing a full set by himself (with his band) and then playing a full set with The Dead. The show is at an amusement park so for an extra $9 a person we get admission to the park too. Awesome. I got right on line and got tickets, and we even get to stay at her parents house--so no hotel cost involved. It's in western NY state outside of Buffalo, and early August is a beasutiful time to go up there. All told it as like $60 a person for tickets, but well worth it--I am hoping that Dylan will sing alot of the songs that Jerry Garcia used to sing, since he is well-dead.

I was so excited that I called my parents to tell them and let them share in my excitement. My Dad then tells me that my Grandmother in Florida has skin cancer (again) and another fairly serious problem. Needless to say considering that she is almost 90, things are not looking good. I went from being so excited to being flat out depressed. Couldn't I have had just a couple of hours to revel in the excitement of seeing Dylan?

Then the mail arrives, and I get a letter from my health insurance company stating that my premium is getting raised $18 a month. More good news to make me smile.

I am plugging my way through much of my school-work and being fairly successful. When not reading for class, I have been reading "Despite Everything" by Aaron Cometbus, its a fantastic collection of the Cometbus Zine. I definitely recommend picking it up.

Christ , I feel like hell right now. Thank the lord I am on anti-depressants or else this would be really, really bad.


I am really glad that I decided to get out of the summer camp thing. I didn't want to post about it and risk jinxing it, but I am going to be teaching sumer school in World Geography. Awesome. Great experience and to top it all off the pay is $10 more per hour then the camp was, and it is only 16 hours a week (8:15-12:15). This leaves me plenty of time to take a nap in the afternoon before work at the restaurant, and get all my schoolwork done. Looks like I made the right decision--turns out trusting your instincts really is a good idea. If I was working at the camp I would probably be failing my classes right now.

There are tons of kids in the new neighborhood, so the ice cream truck is always driving up and down every street in the complex. It plays this song that I've never heard before, really loud as it drives around. It is truly killing me. Right in the middle of the song, it stops, and this electronic voice comes on and goes HELLO!!!!, really friggin' loud. But it is still better than living next door to an overweight prostitute. At least the ice cream man is hawking ice cream not a nasty vagina.


School appears to be going pretty well. I handed in my first paper for my Education class this past Saturday. I think it is pretty good, not my best work but I venture to guess that it is on par with the rest of the classes work.

I also recieved my grade on the first test in my History class. I received a 102. a 97 with 5 points extra credit. Not too shabby. The class average was an 80. This I don't understand. The questions on the test were identical to the questions on the quizzes and the essay question was the same as a group discusssion question. How can you not get an A?


I already stopped working at the camp. Actually I never started. I attended the first session of the classes I am taking this summer and realized that I have absolutely no time to work 45+ hours a week for approximately $6/hour. The prostitution thing is going pretty well so I should be OK for cash. Actually I still have the restaurant and I think that it would be best if I devote myself to my schoolwork over the summer and dip slightly into my savings to support myself.

Tutoring has ended. It was an amazingly fulfilling experience. Everyday a child made me smile/laugh at least once. The comnpany however is a bunch of unorganized nimrods. I am considering not working for them in the fall. I am getting my Master's in secondary education and the only students I seem to work with are elementary students. While this is still rewarding and enjoyable, it does not necessarily give me applicable experience. I think I will end up working an additional daytime restaurant job in the fall to pay the bills while I take classes.

My testicles are feeling better. I went to the urologist and I am on another cycle of antibiotics. He was "thorough". I have never had my balls examined so thoroughly (and roughly), and then he greased up my ass with enough K-Y to fit his fist in and examined my prostate. My favorite part was when he threw a box of tissues on the examining table afterwords for me to wipe with. It is amazing that I paid this man $20 to make my balls hurt and my asshole greasy. Come to think about it, that's a pretty good deal--I've paid way more for much less.

Kim is well, the cats are well, the lizard is well, we got a fish and he appears to be well, as well. Well, that's all for now.

My posts should be coming more frequently now that the schedule has lightened up a bit.