All right, here goes:

Got an A- in my Russian History class which means I am hopefully done with classes for a while.

I took a job with Augu$ta C0unty teaching US & VA G0vernment and US & VA History. I'll be at W00drow W!lson High School. Sorry for the characters instead of letters, but I have to make sure that students can't find the blog through a google search. The job pays a few grand a year more than I was getting here, and they pay for all of my health care premiums. Definitely sweet.

Saw Municipal Waste and Pink Razors in RVA this past weekend. Great show. The new Waste record is great by the way. It comes out this month.

Doing house buying stuff, and things are getting done. We should be closing at the end of the month. The house is in the city of Waynesb0ro, but basically on the far eastern part and almost in Augu$ta county. The house is about 5 miles from skyline drive. Beautiful area.

Hopefully getting tattooed later this month. Always a good time. I'm gonna get a third eye tattooed on my forhead and a tasmanian devil on my scrotum.

Hope all is well and what not.