Nearly a year after our wedding, Kim and I finally went a got our wedding tattoos. Both mine and Kim's were done by Josh Brown at Absolute Art in Richmond, VA. We think they came out phenomenally. Kim's is on the right side of her back near the shoulder, and mine are on my chest. Yes -- that hurt, so don't even ask. You gotta earn it.

My chest, both sides:
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My chest, my left side:
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My chest, my right side:
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Kim's back:
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Kim's is a cover-up. Josh did an amazing job with it. He's a great guy and a truly amazing artist especially within the traditional tattooing sub-genre. He's doing some more work for me in a few weeks. Definitely looking foward to it. I'm finishing off my upper-left arm with a Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. It stays with the theme of the arm and I love the imagery.

Everything else is going well. Hope all is well with you.


Here's some more Jack Control information via Profane Existence:

"As of our last contact, Jack is back in the hospital due to difficulties with breathing and severe pain. It is likely thathe will need additional surgery before this ordeal is over. Estimates for the total medicals bill are as much as $100,000, so every penny we can scrape together helps out.

There are also a number of benefit shows coming up in various cities, including the following:

Austin on Thursday Feb.9 @ Emo's: Signal Lost / Army Of Jesus / Iron Age / Modern Needs / Camp X-Ray Information on the story can be found here... http://www.metalwarfare.com/wb2d/

Saturday Feb. 11th in Memphis TN @ the Rally Point 8:00 Bury the living / Just another consumer / TBA $5.00 P;us more shows TBA in Memphis area...

Thursday, February 16th in Portland, OR @ SABALA's / TRAGEDY / DOG SOLDIER / HELLSHOCK (not 100% confirmed cuz Keith's in Brazil) more to be added.

Sat. Feb18th in Norman, OK @ Pwn House 1246 Columbia Cir SNOTROKITZ / SKULLHAMMER / KOBRAKOMMANDER / JUST ANOTHER CONSUMER donations taken at the the door...

Sun. Feb 26th in Philly @ name of venue ommited due to the issue at hand ( you know the place if you live there) show at 4:00 Witchhunt / Violation / TBA $6.00 Stockholm Sweden / TOTAL EGON (legendary trall by Mart Hllgren, ex - Crudity, Lyckliga Kompisarna etc) / THE BABOON SHOW (sweden's best kept punkrock secret, think X-ray spex!) / HORROR VAKUUM (up and coming grrls that fucking punkROCK!) Klubb Kross @ Krossen, Brygghuset ( norrtullsgatan 12N, T-Odenplan) All ages, 50 sek 19-22.

more shows TBA in Monterrey Mexico, Providence RI, Portland OR, Yuma AZ, Austin TX, Dallas TX, Minneapolis MN, San Francisco Bay area, Ottowa Canada etc... "

Please help this dude out. He's been around 'the scene' forever, and is in a bad place. Please see the last post for information on how to donate.


Jack Conrow (a.k.a. Jack Control) of the band World Burns To Death was stabbed after a show this weekend. Jack had to undergo over 3 hours of surgery and lost 4 pints of blood. At this time Jack is still in ICU. Jack has no heal6th insurance and is basically fu*cked unless he gets help. A number of things are being done in an effort to help Jack including the following:

Profane Existence "We have decided to donate 30% of our total electronic sales (i.e. Paypal, credit & debit cards) to help cover Jack's medical bills. We will be doing this at least through the evening of Tuesday, February 8th and hope to help make a partial dent in hospital bills already reported to be in the tens of thousands of dollars. "

A Paypal account has been set up for donations at punkcontrol@hotmail.com .

Donations can also be sent via Paypal to the following address timmythetexasturd@gmail.com.

If you are in the area please note the following: A benefit show will be held in Austin on February 9th at Emo's 603 Red River http://www.emosaustin.com/ with Signal Lost, Camp X-Ray, Army Of Jesus, Iron Age and Modern Needs performing

Please help Jack. It is not his fault that we live in a country where health insurance is a luxury.