About a month ago, I ordered a bunch of records and there's a playing card randomly inserted in the package. I get it and think: "Wow, that's kind of strange." I keep it, just because, and basically foget about it. Today I receive a PS2 controller that I ordered, and in the package are 2 green poker chips. These items were purchased from 2 completely different business, quite far apart geographically speaking. This begs the question: why am I receiving gambling paraphenalia in the mail? Does it mean something? No note has accompanied either package explaining the additional contents. This is just a very strange coincidence.


I knew that if I waited long enough, my patience would be rewarded. On Friday one of my students sold me a Playstation 2 for $50. Sweet. His mother was making him sell it to pay his car insurance. Apparently he was suppossed to get a job to pay for it but didn't. Sometimes life is pretty sweet. In other video game news, I picked up a used Nintendo 64 and that rocks too. Mario Kart is amazing. I've also been playing Dr. Mario and Puzzle League on my Gamboy Advance pretty much non-stop all weekend.

In other news, the new issue of Cometbus (#50) is out and is great. In other reading news; I've already read 45 books this year. I'm not saying that to be like: "Look how smart I am.!" , but more like I'm proud of it. Soon this number will be even higher --I'm almost done with a couple more. My mother-in-law just bought me a couple of great books on Charleston, SC. They are full of crazy stories about Charleston's history. For example, the first Anglican minister assigned to Charleston was dismissed from his post for attempting to baptize a bear while drunk. Apparently King Charles II, for whom the town is named, fathered up to 100 illegitimate children and was quite well-endowed. You get the idea. Funny and interesting.