We went and saw the new Star Wars on Friday. I must admit that while I liked it way more than Episode I, I still felt that it lacked the spirit of the Holy Trilogy. Ewan McGregor was awesome as was Samuel L. Jackson, but damn that kid that plays Anakin is terrible. I have seen porn stars who gave a more convincing performance of being in love, and the porn stars managed to pull it off while simultaneously doing some other....things. Anyhoo overall the special effects were incredible, but I still think that I liked Yoda better when he was a puppet as oppossed to being computer generated. The film is worth checking out for fans of the series, but I think we all need to realize that all of the prequels will probably be upstaged by the originals (if only based on nostalgia alone).

After the movie we went by the restaurant so I could pick up my check, and in my envelope was a Gift Certificate for the restaurant. It was my boss' way of saying thank you for busting my ass on Mother's Day. I was (and still am) really touched by the gesture. This is probably the first time I have ever worked a job where I feel appreciated. It is a foreign yet suprisingly good feeling.


My posts seem to be getting progressively more and more infrequent. I guess that I just don't have too mush to say right now. When I used to be at a loss for things to say, I would attempt to recall an amusing story for all of you to read. At this point I seem to have temporarily run out of stories that I feel like telling. Sorry. Since I am not in school over the summer I don't really have anything to say about that, work is pretty much always the same---not too good but not too bad either, Kim and I are fine etc.... In addition to my life being currently uneventful, I really don't want to waste space discussing what CD's, T-shirts etc.... I have recently purchased. I guess I should mention that I did recently buy a digital camera which is kind of cool. I got a really good deal on it too. I am not planning on taking the site down, however I am only going to post when I have something that I feel like saying, as oppossed to posting just for the hell of it. I truly feel that my recent posts have been pretty goddamn boring. Check back periodically and see what I've got to say (if anything). Keep it real.


Not too much going on in these parts. Unfortunately with everything else going on I haven't really had a chance to sit down and share my wonderful, exciting life with all of you. First, more of the same good news, it looks like my Grandmother really is quite ill. My parents have decide to make the trek down to Florida to see her. Apparently she went to the doctor last week, and mentioned that she was thinking of trying to come up to Virginia to see her son. The doctor politely told her that if she wanted to do so, she better do it immediately---meaning she probably doesn't have too much longer. I mean she is almost 89 years old, it only makes sense that she might not be around too much longer.

Kim has stopped writing Stay Gold, Ponyboy. For those of you who had linked to her site, please moidify your respective pages accordingly--she says Thanks. She mentioned that she has plans to start another Blog in the future--so we can all keep our fingers crossed. I myself was also thinking of putting an end to this fine site, but have instead decided to keep it going. Oddly enough, on the very day I was thinking of pulling it down, I received an email from someone who said they had stumbled across this fine corner of the web, and really enjoyed what he saw. His name is Tim and his blog can be found right here. Thanks for helping me keep it up, man. His site has also been added to the links section for future reading.