I found this article on Lookout Records recently. It is very long, but an interesting read. They ar in major financial trouble even with Green Day's bavck catalog. Highly detailed accounts of budgets and marketing expenses. The article includes similar information for Fat and Epitaph records. The amount Epitaph spends on promotion is astounding - $9 per cd sold. Holy crap!


I want to say that for the first time I am posting from my new laptop. After weeks of trying to get the wireless network set-up - it is finally set-up. I am totally stoked. I am watching "Another State of Mind" on DVD with the Mike Ness commentary. God, he's an idiot. Viva my laptop. I even use it to teach too. The kids could give a fuck, but it makes me happy. Hope all is well.


Yesterday was the first time I used the laptop as a teaching tool. It went well - from my point of view at least. The kids didn't seem to care much, but oh well. A friend of mine is coming over tonight to help me setup a wireless network in my house. Fun. I am paying him with a bottle of Southern Comfort and some Sprite. I did however just install a nice Dawn of the Dead screensaver. Exciting. I have always found myself strangely attracted to Gaylen Ross. I don't really think she's attractive but she has some sort of late 1970's thing going on. Then again maybe its just because she stars in DOTD.

In Netflix news I am still getting screwed but haven't made a change because my options are limited at best. The video stores in a town called Farmville are surprisingly kind of crappy. If you want to watch "The Ten Commandments" you are all set. It is fact that the stores in town do not even have "Army of Darkness." Wghat I am trying to say is that I'm kind of stuck. Oh well. I still manage to watch about three movies a week. I should be able to watch more, but oh well.