I haven't posted in forever. I really don't always have much to say anymore. I used to talk & have conversations with all sorts of folks all the time--pretty much non-stop. Now I get paid to talk--and I do it for at least 6 hours a day--everyday. Honestly after a while it just makes me want to not communicate with anyone when I don't have to. Teaching makes some really introverted people extroverts. On the flip side it sometimes make extroverted people introverts. I am in the later category. It is probably strange for the people who know me, but haven't been around me for a while, to hear that I often barely speak when I'm not at work. The strangest part is not only do I not hang out with people--I don't even really have the desire to do so. I don't even really miss it.

I do have a tattoo appointment next weekend so there will be pics of that coming soon.

Hope all is well.


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