As much as dislike television, I admit I watch a few shows on NBC Video Rewind and through Netflix. I am watching an episode of the office, well listening to it now, and they play some ads during the episode. Just a few; much less than on TV. One of the ads is for Southern Comfort. The ad features Against Me! I understand why the band signed to a major label and even though I don't like their new album; I respect their decision. However I am having a hard time watching a liquor ad featuring a supposedly "politically charged" band. I'm sure they were paid well, but I think they just lost all of their (remaining) artistic integrity. I don't mean that they used one of their songs in the ad, I mean they are IN the ad, being interviewed and playing. In a few short years they have gone from "Baby, I'm an Anarchist" to hawking whiskey on NBC's website. Wow. I realize they want to make a career out of this, and money, but even if they were selling organic yogurt or something I'd be OK with it, just not something like whiskey. What's next? Tom Gabel dressed up as the Marlboro Man? Teenagers (and many others) love that band and now their idols are telling them to go get shitfaced on over-priced booze. I am really disappointed. It shouldn't matter to me, but it does.