The first two weeks with students are done, and overall things are much better in this district. The vast majority of students are respectful and there to learn. A couple of issues, but no big deal. Regardless, I am a bit burnt out on teaching and this might be my last year. It is so emotionally draining that I am amazed people can do it for 30 years. I'm not really sure what the point is anymore. The public education system for the most part is not preparing students for success. They are coddled and their negative behaviors are enabled, leading to difficulties after graduation. This is what happens in a good school, a bad school is much more disheartening.

My maternal grandmother passed away, and the funeral was early last week. I had to go all the way to northern Maine with my Mom. It sucked. She was 94, so it wasn't entirely unexpected, but it still kind of sucks. All of my grandparents are now deceased.

We have been getting the house and yard in order this weekend and it is coming along. The house is almost completely set up and the yard needs a ton of work, but it's getting there. The dude who lived here before us let the yard--both front and back, go to sh!t.

Might cruise up to Harrisonburg on Wednesday to see Modern Life Is War at a house show, but we'll see

Hope all is well.