I've been too busy to post recently so here's a catch-up post for you.

1. The administration at the school sucks very bad, but my students are awesome. Been really busy with the commute, meetings, planning etc... The sad news is that I found out Friday that one of my students got a 13 year old girl pregnant (he's 17), a few months ago he got some other girl pregnant (at least she was 20). Why do kids I like always seem to f*ck up their lives? I already signed up for a job fair in a district closer to home - which of course pays more.

2. My Honda was giving me trouble so I bought a new car, actually a truck. I got a black 2004 Toyota Tacome Pick-up truck, 2wd standard cab. My insurance company raised my rates by $60/month, so I found another company that is charging me less than I was paying on my Honda. Always shop around folks, cause you neverknow what else is out there.

3. A friend of mine burned me the new Elliott Smith CD which isn't coming out until next month. I hear its great, but I won't be able to listen to it until tomorrow.

4. My Dad is having a test tomorrow to see if he needs a heart-bypass operation or if an alternative is possible.

5. I've been studying Buddhism recently and I feel like it is changing my life for the better. If you need help finding out about yourself or calming down, its definitely a good way to go. And no, I'm not becoming a buddhist, I'm merely using the teachings to help me through the stress of daily life.

Hope all is well out there.