Boredom in the mobile home in nowhere USA
Somehow gotta make it home to Richmond,VA

**'Southbound 95' by Avail**

Back from New York State. The trip was cool except Kim's brother brought me an extra special Christmas present last night---a stomach virus. Thanks Rob!!! I hate to be an ass and I know that he wanted to see his sister but was it really necessary to knowingly expose his entire extended family to a violent stomach bug? I just hope that the grandparents don't catch it too. Needless to say Kim has it as well. Fortunately we both take pretty good care of ourselves and thus got a much tamer version. As you probably know Buffalo (75 miles north of where we were) got some very heavy snow. Luckily we only got about 10 inches. Sounds like a lot to the southern folk but hey at least it wasn't 7 feet. The drive either way sucked pretty bad too---9 hours each way. We did a lot of cool stuff up there though-we finally went bowling and we also saw Lord Of The Rings---both were cool.

Congratulations on you new job cutie-pie.


We are leaving for Jamestown, NY in 90 minutes to visit Kim's family. I have been awake since 1:30 AM, it is now 6:30 AM. I went to bed at 11:00 PM. The drive to Jamestown will last 9 hours I have slept 2 hours--fortunately Kim is driving. Kim just woke up. This is going to be a fun day. In case anyone gives a shit I will be back on 12-31--just in time for a good old fashioned Richmond New Year's Eve. I have no idea what is going on. In addition to all this I don't really feel that well--my stomach has been bothering me all night. I am whining. Sorry. If you are lucky maybe you will get a post from the Jamestown Public Library in a few days.


Christmas has been cool so far. I got a bunch of stuff that I have been wanting and Kim made some kick-ass vegan cinnamon rolls for breakfast. They are amazing. Now I am listening to my new Johnny Thunders CD and wondering which grocery store might be open--we need some stuff for dinner (actually just lime juice). Two days until we leave for New York. I have gotten word that a DVD copy of The Gift will be waiting for me when I arrive. I am a happy little boy. Soon I will be able to watch Giovanni Ribisi anytime I want.

I messed up my back the other night at work and now I am in some serious pain. Looks like I will have to drink until the pain dissipates. I recommend doing the same for whatever might be ailing you. I am kidding of course. Is it wrong to drink a 40oz on Christmas day?

Merry Christmas to all.


Worked last night and we were super busy. Three really cool things about my restaurant:

1. Every employee gets a free "shift drink" at the end of the shift. You can have anything that you want. Our rail liquor is of the Jack Daniels/Absolute variety. Last night I had a free Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and it was yummy.

2. Every night the kitchen prepares a "family meal". They feed the employees too. Amazing concept. The meal is generally not vegan so I am out of the running but still, the thought counts.

3. I get tip-share. The tip share is given directly to me, so I don't have to claim it. That rocks.

Santa is on his way kiddies. I know who's been naughty and who's been nice but I'm going to "punish" all of you either way. Now you have something to look forward too.


I had Friday off, but I had to work yesterday afternoon (it was actually just a meeting) and I have to work again tonight. Originally my boss told me on 3 different occasions that I would not be working tonight but then yesterday, Pam (the trashy host) looks at me and says: "So you're training with me tomorrow right?" and I said "Not as far as I know" at which point she stated that our boss told her that I was supposed to work tonight. I walked up to him and asked and he said "Yes." like I was a fucking idiot for asking in the first place. I love disorganization. Tonight we close early so it shouldn't be too bad, plus I am off tomorrow and Tuesday plus I am going out of town from 12/27-12/31 so I can't bitch too much. I am just pissed when someone tells me "No, you won't have to work" and then all of a sudden I am working.

Yesterday I picked up the new Karma To Burn CD. It is excellent. Not much else going on down here. We spent most of the morning cleaning up around the house and now Kim is making us some lunch. Yummy.

One last thing: I finally picked up Punk Planet's Art and Design Issue. There is some amazing stuff in there however the major complaint I have with Punk Planet is that they need an editor really bad. I picked up an old issue of the magazine a few days ago and I noticed how bad it truly is in terms of spelling and improper word usage. In the Art and Design Issue at one point the word Chicago (their hometown and base of operations) is missing a 'G'. I find that to be a bit ridiculous. Even Spell Check would have caught that one. Come on guys. Every magazine has typos but their's has way more than average. Their goal has always been to be taken seriously, something which I have a hard time doing with mistakes like that. The content is top notch but as far as I am concerned the editing (or lack thereof) lowers the magazine to the level of your average high school punk zine.


Work was cool again last night. What I have learned is that I would much rather work in a restaurant frequented by rich people than a restaurant frequented by well, trash. So far I have even managed to get 2 tips just for helping people with their coats. I am the best. Well other than work everything else is cool too. I am finished with my Christmas shopping, everyone is getting a gift certificate to the restaurant I work at. Not really, but I am finished though.

Last night I rented Hard Eight (Paul Thomas Anderson's first movie) and let me say that it was excellent. You can watch it and totally see the beginning of the P.T. Anderson style. Most of the standard actors are included except in this case generally in smaller roles. Phillip Seymour Hoffman has a small but amazing part as a redneck gambler with a mullet. If there's a mullet involved you know it rocks. He is also weaing one of those black t-shirts with the lightning bolts and a wolf standing on a hill looking into the distance, with a flannel over it. For anyone who is looking to re-do their image, this is definitely the way to go.


The first day went well. The job is probably easier than I had anticipated, now I just hope that the money is where it needs to be for me to actually survive on. The whole tip-share thing has me a bit sketched out now---so we'll see. The good news is that I will not have to work Christmas' Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, or New Years Day. The people are pretty cool over all. My boss is actually tolerable too. One of the servers is a bit of a self-important asshole but that is to be expected, and one of the other hosts is a 31 female alcoholic makeup artist. What a combo. In case you haven't already guessed she dresses like a slut and wears more makeup than Poison used to. She is kind of cool but Christ is she fucking stupid. Sometimes it boggles the mind--she even has a college education. I can honestly say that I feel as though the value of my degree has dropped considerably. Tonight we will get to see how "Night Number Two" goes. Last night was considered "Really Busy" and all I can say is that it was way slower than what I am used to. It's a pretty sweet gig as long as the money works out.


Turns out that tonight is going to be my first night at the new job. I will be making money again. I have to be there at 5 and will probably get off by 11 so how bad can it be? Six hours---I think that I can handle that, I still have the "First Day Jitters" but that is to be expected. The only thing I am truly frightened about is that my clothes will get picked apart and I will leave in tears because none of the popular boys will want to dance with me. Hopefully all will be OK though.

In a completely unrelated thought, why do rednecks love sexual innuendo so much? Today I got stuck behind a pick-up that had a bumper sticker on the back that said this: "Save The Trees, Eat A Beaver". I laughed so hard. Not really, however I did think that the silver "Waving Ladies" he used to accent this sticker really added something. I wish that I could be a lady-killer like that guy. I bet that the only guys that see more action than him are the ones that still have "Big Johnson" and "Co-Ed Naked..." shirts. You also can win the "Lady Killer Crown" by wearing any t-shirt featuring Calvin and Hobbes either drinking alcohol or smoking weed.


Went to Williamsburg today to buy some new work clothes for work. My new boss was supposed to call me Saturday or yesterday in regards to when I would start. He mentioned tomorrow perhaps but said that he needed to confer with the owner and I have yet to hear from him. I need to call him tomorrow morning and find out---I would have called today but it was his day off. Strange.

Check out some pictures of me and some other folks right here. Went up to DC on Saturday night and that is where the pictures are from. Had a good time up there. Thanks again for dinner etc... Corey. Good to see everyone else too.


I am employed again. Check this out, I am going to be the maitre d' at this upscale restaurant on the West End. The schedule is amazing Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night. The hourly wage is decent and I even get tip share on top of that. Sweet. All told I will be doing all right and only working 24 hours a week while taking classes. I rule. Things are looking up.
Last night was Kim's Holiday Office Party. It was OK. They gave out drink tickets 2 per person and I must admit that after the first 2 hours of the event I got bored (my drinks were also gone at that point). I was not in a particularly sociable mood last night and then the band started to wear on me. The company hired a cover band to play the party. The keyboard player in the group has a wife who works with Kim so that is how they got the job. Now as far as technical proficiency goes--these guys were great---unfortunately they are professional enough that they had their own PA. The room was pretty large but they had everything miked through the PA including all of the drums. They were so loud it was almost unbearable. I don't hear that well anymore any I was honestly unable to carry on a conversation with anyone which in turn made me really pissy. The band was actually loud enough that my ears were ringing when I got home. I always thought that you should be able to socialize at the company party, apparently what you should actually be doing is listening to a country-fied version of "One Toke Over The Line" at top fucking volume. For the vast majority of the evening no one danced and after an hour or so people even stopped clapping. At one point they stopped playing and the room went completely dead, which prompted even the singer to give a slight chuckle in embarrassment. I must state though that at one point the dance floor filled up with about 20 couples. What song could have driven the masses out onto the dance floor, you asked? Well of course it must be Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight". Everyone around me started discussing what the song was actually named. The consensus at the end of the discussion was that the title was "You Look Wonderful Tonight", even though the whole time I was muttering that it was simply Wonderful Tonight. In everyone's defense by this point the band was on to a rousing cover of AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long" complete with acoustic rhythm guitar--turns out that awesome riff loses something when played on a Martin Acoustic, and could not hear me. We took off at about 10:30 and came home.

I have a second interview for that restaurant I interviewed with last week at noon today. I was told that the interview would be "informal". I am going to show up in camouflage cut-offs and a wife-beater. Whatever questions they ask I am going to somehow manage to answer by relating the situation/answer to the hard-core scene. Here is an example:

Q: Why are you changing your career path?
A: Well back in the day Gorilla Biscuits said I gotta Start Today so that's what I'm doing. I guess that I was just bored with the direction I was heading in. I remember this one time I saw Sick Of It All at the Black Cat and there were all these problems during Ignite's set. Yeah you're right about Ray Cappo selling out too.

Q: What interests you about our restaurant?
A: This one time I was in the pit and I saw some guy get his nipple ring torn out, and then I thought I wanna work here.

Q: What hours would you be willing to work?
A: I tell you I saw H2O a couple of times but I would have to say that the show with Snapcase at The Capital Ballroom was the best. I guess my schedule is pretty open right now.

I think you get the idea.


I watched Last Exit To Brooklyn last night. It was really good though terribly depressing.

Remember that job that I had for 5 days a few weeks ago, well I never received my paycheck from that place. One of the main things that pissed me off about the company was that if I had stayed, I would have only gotten paid once a month. Well the employees were suppossed to get paid 12/1 but becuase that was a Saturday it became 12/3. I finally gave them a call because it was 12/12 and there was no check to be had. I talked to my ex-boss and she was surprisingly nice about me calling and apologetic that my check had not been received. Why did she need to apologize?, I thought. Well apologies were in order because they never cut my check much less sent it. She promised she was going to get right on that though. I better get my fucking check or I am going to roll up in there and everyone knows it ain't gonna be pretty when Da SKZA rolls up in that bitch. Motherfucking heads is gonna be rollin' and shit. You can't kill the rooster. If you have never read any of David Sedaris' work you definitely should. The previous link is to my favorite Sedaris story. Very funny.


I kinow that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but someone just went to ADDmovies and left a couple of comments which I have to point out. The individual in question referred to Citizen Kane as "overrated trash" which he fell asleep during, and then commented on Annie stating that it was a good movie 'more watchable than Citizen Kane'. It is nice to know that most of the rest of the world does not hold this opinion. Citizen Kane starring and directed by Orson Welles versus Annie starring Carol Burnett, I didn't realize that the 2 could even be compared. :) The wonderful thing about the Internet is that it allows everyone to express their opinions---God Bless Freedom of Speech.


My favorite current Google search:

"Sex Picture With Scott Wife For Free"

This reminds me of something, oh yeah....we need to go have those pictures taken for this year's Christmas cards. This year I will be dressed up as a sheep, while Kim will be dressed as Little Bo Peep. The lamb is being "toilet trained". If this aroused you in any way, please stop visiting my site. I had a friend named Jeremy who once fucked and inflatable sheep until it popped. It's true.
I was just adding some stuff over at ADDmovies, when I realized that I am the only reviewer over there who does not have a nickname. I am not complaining mind you just observing. After years of living with an unfortunate nickname I am quite glad to be known only as 'Scott'.

In other ADDmovies news I realized that yesterday I forgot to indicate who the other reviewers are. They are Ryan(Laze), Robert (Litclique), Alex (Luscious Lex), and Rob (Refreshingly Rob). Corey did the design.
Here in Richmond the local classic rock radio station broadcasts Dee Snyder Radio, which is Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister's morning show. It is a really clean show free of most of the topics that talk radio shows seem to rely on. It is a really good show and generally clean enough that you would not mind your children listening to it. Anyhoo he gave out the addresses of 2 awesome sites this morning:

deeischristina.com--the premise is that Christina Aguilera is actually Dee Snyder in disguise. Pretty damn funny.

cutoffmyfeet.com--just check it out, it is ridiculous, but true.


Today's post is going to be a bit more serious than usual. I found out this morning that a friend of mine and his long-time girlfriend/fiance have parted ways. One of the main reasons appears to be that she was: physically abusing him.

This dude is a really nice guy and it seems that she would get so mad at him, that she would start hitting him. A mutual friend of ours once arrived at his house in the middle of an argument he was having with his girlfriend. At some point before our friend arrived it seems that she began hitting him--needless to say he was relieved to see his friend. He never hit her back. Unfortunately it seems that this has been going on for a while. Now the dude is devestated and feels incredibly lonely and basically wants her back. There is a whole lot more to the story but this is the simplified version. Usually women are the victims of spousal abuse but sometimes men are on the receiving end as well, I never realized it before but I guess that men end up reacting the same way too. The whole thing is really strange and right now I want to go find that girl and fucking lay her ass out. I used to work with her and I fucking hated her before and dammit I can't stand her now. Fucking whore.

On a happier note, ADDMovies has launched. I am one of the reviewers over there so go and check it out. NOW!!!!


The mall was really terrible yesterday afternoon but we went back last night and it was OK, I got a nice present for Kim's Mom which was the main reason that I needed to go. We watched The Birds last night. I had never seen it before--it was really good.

Ryan is at war with an army or angry 12 year olds [Link] and I am still at war with a French Fugazi Fan. Check out the comments from 12-6 and 12-7, he has struck again.


Apparently some French Guy has declared war on me. Please refer to the comments from 12/5 and 12/6 for further details. Apparently he aslo dislikes homosexuals. Read his idiocy and laugh at my clever retorts.

I just dumpster dived a sweet ass wooden beaded door curtain, and fixed it up. It is awesome---our study now looks like Greg Brady's room after he turned his Dad's study into that pseudo love den. I am one happening guy and the year is 1978. Rockin'.

We are going to the mall today. I am scared.


Yesterday I called this new, extremely trendy and upscale restaurant to see if they were still hiring servers as they had been advertising. No one was there so I left a message stating my interest in the position, and the dude called me back yesterday and left a message stating that they are still hiring and he asked me to stop by this afternoon and fill out an application, which I am going to do. Dinner for 2 runs approximately $100, so I am sure that the money will be good. They are only open for dinner so I will not have to worry about the bullshit lunch crowds etc... Hopefully I can actually impress them enough to hire me. Perhaps I should try to find someone to go in my place. I hope that made sense, my mind is all cloudy today.


Enjoy thinking of my genitals.

Here's a good story for you: today I needed to mail a letter so I got on my bike and rode over to the post office. I get half way there and notice that it seems a bit cooler than it was when I left the house. Then I feel it----the breeze. I look down as my right leg comes to the top of my pedaling arc and catch a glimpse first of my underwear (bright red boxer shorts, my pants are brown--so they stick out) and then the head of my penis. That's right folks I forgot to zip my fly. Not generally too big a deal, except that these pants are kind of baggy so the zipper-hole was exceptionally large and made everything that much more visable, and of course I was riding a bike. I had to stop and zip back up, as I did this a car was at the end of the block and I swear that the passenger kept looking at me ---maybe that was because since it was already hanging out I figured why not, and I began masturbating. No wonder all the house-wives driving SUVs looked so happy, one actually almost crashed her car trying to get a better view of 'the 'ol bait n' tackle'. The last sentence I wrote was completely made up, the roads were not crowded and I don't think that anyone saw but I actually found myself wishing that they had.


I have been thinking about changing it so my posts come up chronologically oldest posts first. I find that a lot of my posts are interelated and thus if someone visits my site at 3 in the afternnon they are sort of working backwards and filling in the blanks as they scroll down and read the earlier posts. However I have also thought that by having it set up with the most recent posts appearing first it allows everyone to see what has happened most recently (obviously) and would not necessitate scrolling down to see if I have added anything new if you have for example already visited the site earlier.

I just write the crap but you guys read it so how would you prefer it to be? Keep it the same or change to chronological? It has been officially put to a vote.
I just called that guy. Two things:

1. The job description he gave was "contacting past due clients and encouraging them to pay". Last I knew this was considered COLLECTIONS not Accounts Receivable.

2. The ad in the paper advertised "an excellent hourly wage". When I spoke to him this turned out to be $9.00/hour. When I used to sell shoes I made $8.50 and had no responsibility and no one bothered me.

I just told him that I would be unable to cover my expenses on that salary and wished him well in his search. Your average collections job pays considerably more than that too. They are going to need to pay folks more money if they expect to fill that position. Once again the fact that I am jaded enabled me to keep my hopes incredibly low, fortunately they were able to stoop to my level of expectation. Thank you Sir.
Yesterday I got a call from a Temp Agency regarding a resume I had sent them last week. I told them that I was not interested as I "had already accepted another position" Ha Ha. Anyway I really don't like dealing with temp agencies so I am cool with that. I never answer my phone--I screen all my calls, (it's a long story) and today this dude leaves a message about a resume I had sent out 2 weeks ago. It is an accounts receivable position with a weekly publication here in Richmond. I think I will give him a call tommorrow---doesn't hurt. I found their add and it had 2 words that really caught my attantion-------"Private Office" That would be fucking sweet. I need to think about it a bunch but the way I see it it doesn't hurt to call him back tommorrow. If they offered a job to me and were cool with me taking classes I might be down with it. What do you kids think?
Yes I did.
Today is a special day. It is special because when I woke up I went over to my CD racks to find something to listen to. I chose Megadeth's "So Far, So Good...So What!" I am listening to it as I type this. I have just made it to the song '502'. The music is good but the fucking lyrics are horrible. Wow I used to like these guys a whole lot. How times have changed. The car accident and sirens sound effects just finished. I am going to have to change this very soon. What seemed lkike a wonderful idea 20 minutes ago has moved into the territory of annoying. There is a drum solo going on right now. The disc is coming out. No it's not. Liar is coming up in 2 songs. I bet you did not know that I can sing all the lyrics to the really fast part to 'Liar' (the "Start trouble, spread pain, piss and venom in your veins....." part). I memorized those lyrics 13 years ago and still remember them. I tell you it's the truly important stuff that sticks with me. Its up next too. It has begun.....

The question you will have to ponder: Will he sing along?


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A little later I am going up to that restaurant to fill out an application. With a little luck I can have a job by the end of today.


"Win Big Mama's Fallen Angel...."

Two things:

1. I realize that all of you have een holding your breath in anticipation of the following news, my $300 tax rebate situation has come to a close. I received a letter in the mail today stating that the government is in agreement with my claim that my name was forged and the check was cashed by someone other than myself. They also sent me a nifty pamphlet on 'alternate' ways of receiving future refunds. They left out the fact that for this rebate check the only way to receive it was via US Mail--direct deposit was not an option in this case. So I wondered why they sent me this since doesn't apply but also glad that the check itself showed up today as well. I went right out and spent the $300 on a hooker, a bottle of Thunderbird and some weed. Needless to say I am happy. The one thing I am displeased about is that they are not going to provide me with any information relating to the punishment of the moron who cashed my check. I sincerely hope that whoever it is, gets sent to jail and sodomized while in there. Good luck jackass!

2. Kim has redesigned her blog. You should go and check it out. It's not fully done yet but it should be by tommorrow.

The restaurant search went well enough. One of the main restaurants I was interested in has a 'Now Accepting Applications' sign in the window so I am going to go there tommorrow and fill out the application. While out, I picked up a sweet Levis denim jacket at the thrift store. As far as I am concerned it is still 1988 and Poison is on top of the world.
Today is the day when I begin scouting out the local restaurants for a new job. I have developed a plan; I am going to hop on my bike and pretty much ride up and down every street in the area and write down the names of the restaurants. In the process I will be looking for Help Wanted signs as well--of course. I will then come back here and check out the restaurants' reputations on the internet--narrowing down the list in the process. Tommorrow I will begin actually going to the restaurants and applying. I think that this will be the best way for me to actually achieve my goal of finding the kind of restaurant that I want to work in. I hope that it works.

The weekend was pretty boring. I did find a copy of Rollin' Black Coffee Blues at the used book store where I have a lot of credit though, so that is pretty cool. Of course I will be done with the book by this afternoon. Every time I read anything that Henry Rollins' ever wrote I think to myself: that guy is really fucked up. One cool part is when he is talking about hanging out with "Selby" on tour. I thought to myself 'no it can't be' but later after a reference to Last Exit To Brooklyn, I realized that he was referring to Hubert Selby Jr. the author who wrote Last Exit To Brooklyn and Requiem for a Dream. They are actually kind of friends. Strange when you think about it---what did their conversations consist of? Instead of talking about how much he hates women (again) perhaps Rollins could have expanded on his meetings with Selby. I just found out that Last Exit To Brooklyn (the novel) is out of print, that explains why I can never locate a copy.

Last week I bought a copy of Dashboard Confessional's latest record. It is really really good. This guy is the ultimate in "emo" right now, and I like it. I guess that makes me emo now doesn't it. Every time I go to Ebay I feel stupid that I ever gave any of my old clothes away. I could have sold them on ebay and made a killing. Some kid was going to get $30 + for a 1984 Houston Astro's t-shirt. That could have been me. I have been saving all my cool sneakers that I never wore though. One of these days I am going to sell those bitches up there and make a killing---Vintage Vision Street Wear High tops etc... All in really nice shape. That will be a good day. All I need is a digital camera and someplace to host the pictures. Soon.