Hey everyone. Does anyone want to take pity on me and burn me some Sigur Ros stuff and send it to me? I am looking for the 'Agaetis Byrjun' album in particular, but would like some of their other stuff as well. I will gladly pay all costs involved or burn some stuff in trade. Whichever is fine with me. If you can help and prefer to do a trade just let me know what kind of stuff you're interested in and I will tell you what I have. I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can offer in this matter. Unfortunately I still use a dial up connection so attemting to download songs, especially songs as lengthy as much of Sigur Ros' material makes want to shoot myself. ; ( This is the first time I have ever used my blog lfor a post like this. I feel like white-trash and liberated simultaneously. Begging for something other than sex really opens up those doors for you.

I recently started graduate school, and a bunch of new tutoring assignments in a variety of schools. Its cool because then my name gets out there, and it looks like I will be able to cut down the days I work at the restaurant too. I am going to tell my boss tonight or tomorrow. He is not going to be pleased, but the way I see is he changed my schedule without asking me if it was OK, so what do I care. To make matters worse they are probably going to decrease my tip-share--which means my income from the restaurant is going to drop. I am really glad I got involved with the tutoring company so I already had another option set up. If I hadn't I would be completely screwed. I am closer to getting out of the restaurant industry which makes me quite happy.

Corey, I am definitely feeling the whole looking for another job thing. In addition to my wages dropping at the restaurant is has really started to suck in a variety of other ways too. I just can't take the bullshit anymore. Good luck in the job search. Oh yeah, maybe you can help with my Sigur Ros predicament. ; )

Hugs and Kisses to all.


Hey everybody, check out this 'Haunted' painting. Its pretty damn creepy even if the story associated with it is untrue.


First Gary Glitter and now Pete Townsend. What the fuck is wrong with these rock stars? If you get caught with child pornography, I think that claiming that the Pictures were for 'research purposes' is a piss-poor excuse. If you are writing a book on criminal behavior then you might be able to using that excuse, but when you are an aging rock star this doesn't quite work. Next he'll be claiming that he was doing research for Tommy Part 2, where Tommy's priest takes advantage of the poor deaf, dumb and blind kid. I bet that part of the plot involves him playing with 'balls' other than the Pin variety.


I am currently at my Grad-school orientation. Considering that it is all stuff that I know, having already graduated from MWC I should really be exempt. Have to go. Bye.


I just bought a CD burner today. I have finally joined the year 1999. I like to stay at least a couple of years behind the times, at all times. I find it fulfilling to always be behind everyone else--technogically speaking that is. It is a Buslink 52x24x52. I got it at Best Buy for $80 with $35 worth of rebates-- so $45 final cost to me. It is really fast. I made my first mix-CD today--it was damn fun.

Kim had promised me a new television as an engagement present and she bought that today too. A Sharp 27" picture in picture. I finally have a TV larger than 19". Yeah!!!! It is awesome. Time to watch The Exorcist.

Happy New Year!!!

Hugs and Kisses!!!

I Love all of you!!!

Go Fuck Yorselves!!!