Busy but enjoyable week coming up. Tomorrow is Fugazi's annual Fort Reno show up in DC and then early Wednesday morning we leave to go up to NY to visit Kim's family. Lots of fun on the horizon. I am going to be damn glad to not have to go to work for a while. In addition it will be nice to go someplace where the summertime temperatures are in the 80's with very low hummidity as oppossed to 96 and very high hummidity. The only part of the trip that I really don't look forward to is driving through central Pennsylvania. There is nothing worse than a 45 MPH speed limit compounded by being stuck behind some shitty ass farm vehicle which is seemingly heading just as far as you are. Oh well.


I have been eating at Panda Garden for at least 5 years. Every time I eat there I sit in one of the booths against the wall. There is a strange nature picture/wallpaper type of thing which hangs directly above the booths. The picture is kind of a country meadow type of thing. Strange yet somehow cool. Kim and I went down there the other night and for the first time, I noticed that this nature mural is the same one which hanfgs in my dining room. The mural in my dining room has always looked familiar to me. I wonder why?

In other completely unrelated news the City of Richmond managed to fuck up my car tax for the second year in a row. Last year they sent me a bill, I paid it and then received the sticker for my windshield. Two weeks later I received a letter stating that I needed to pay and I was in collections. I called and kindly informed them that I had already paid etc... They said I had been entered in the computer twice and it would be corrected. The same thing happened again this year. I called and had the situation "corrected". I bet the same thing happens next year too. One of the possible reasons they tried to use was that I changed my licensce plate number. How the hell would that effect my car tax? Car tax is bullshit anyway, but regardless I would just like to say that for someone who never pays a bill late, I get (improperly) sent way too many collection notices. One of the main problems with everything being entered into computers is that very few companies seem to have any method of checking to make sure that everything is entered correctly. Basically you have to wait until something gets fucked up enough for you to hear about it, to actually have it fixed. The burden of proof lies solely on the consumer. I mean it really shouldn't take a whole lot to discover that there are 2 entries for a Black 1997 Honda Civic Hatch-back with the same Vehicle Identification # registered to the same guy, with the same SS#.


Thanks to everyone for your congratulations. Unfortunately I must have misled all of you, it wasn't a marriage thing I was referring to. I had just asked Kim if she would like to go watch me get my nipple pierced---I'm not really sure where all this engagement talk came from. But seriously folks, thanks again.

Other than all that jazz there really hasn't been too much going on. I have recently picked up a lot of shifts at work, so I have have been pretty busy with that. I am currently in the middle of a 9 of 10 day working stretch. It will end on Thursday. That means only 4 more days. It feels like an eternity.


I also updated the reading/watching/listening section for you. Now you can all think about me listening to King Diamond and have a good laugh at my expense. Loving that metal. I actually work with a dude who tours with Richmond's Lamb of God and he is hooking me up with a sweet t-shirt. Rockin'.
I finally have something to say. Can any of you guess what it is? Now I know you are thinking this is bullshit, but I really do have important/exciting news. Please feel free to utilize the comments section to make your guesses as to what this news could possibly be. I will officially post the news when one of the following happens:

a. Someone gets it right
b. I get sick of no one getting it right.

Here are a few hints for you:

1. It involves Kim.
2. It involves a ring (for the finger, not for the cock).
3. It involved me asking Kim a question.
4. It involved Kim saying yes.

Other than this news there is truly nothing going on. I think you can all probably guess what the news is. At least I would like to think that you are all smart enough to put 2 and 2 together.