It has been almost two months without a post from me. I am sure that all of you have been patiently awaiting my next post. Lots of news I guess, so here goes:

1. We have successfully completed our move, the new place is great. The neighbor is not a prostitute and it is a much better run organization. Th name of the old rental company I had promised to post is---Metro Properties. Do not ever rent from them. Please!!!

2. I am about to begin my summer job at the summer camp. It should be fun, but hectic.

3. I am taking a distance learning class through the community college ---History 122. I need another couple of history courses for my double teaching endorsement.

4. Tomorrow is the first meeting of the graduate class I am taking this summer. 9am-4:30PM. Sounds like fun, huh?

5. Kim is well. I am relatively OK as well, though I currentl;y have a rather painful bacterial infection in my right testicle. It is getting better though, I will be seeing a urologist early next week.

6. I think that is all.