Go over to Monkeys Throwing Poo to hear about the fight I narrowly avoided. Note, the last time I was in a fight I was in Fourth Grade.


Hubert Selby Jr. (the author) passed away yesterday. If you have not read anything by him, you really should.


Big news. I have been sub-ing at the alternative school the last couple of days and they tried to hire me. Its an elementary position so I can't do it, but the assistant principal told me this morning that she talked to a friend of hers about me and they have a position that is right up my alley, and one that I am qualified for. That's pretty cool, regardless of what happens. The assistant principal told me that as soon as I file my applicattion to let her know so that she can "hook me up." That's cool to begin with, but here's the really cool part. Today she offered me a tutoring position that would last the rest of the year, working with Government and US History (which is my area but I never get to teach it). The pay is almost twice what I get sustituting and the experience is awesome. I really hope all of this works out the way I want it to.

I also have an upcoming phone interview with this teacher placement company. Maybe I'll have a full-time taching position for the fall. That would be awesome! Cross your fingers for me.


Yesterday I was sub-ing and this girl asked me what kind of music I liked to
listen to. I told her that I liked to listen to "the sound of puppies being
strangled." Everyone laughed so she said "no, seriosly." I replied that I also
"enjoy the sounds of kittens being drowned." I avoided the question completely,
even afterwords. Was I suppossed to tell them that I had just been listening to
a band called Cannibal Corpse? That generally doesn't go over very well.

I am amazed by all the different people that the students in Henrico tell me I
look like. Here is a list:

-Steve Zahn's character from Daddy Day Care
-Garth from Wayne's World
-The kid from Stuart Little
-David Spade
-Johnny Depp in Blow
-Matthew Lillard from Scooby Doo

How can I simultaneously resemble all of these people when none of them look
anything alike? There are only two celebrities I bear any resemblance to (David
Caruso and Ron Howard) ,and neither of them made the list.

Today started off really poorly. I woke up 35 minutes late and then I went to
the wrong school. Fortunately the school I was suppossed to be at was close by.


Sometimes i find the strangest things in thrift stores. Today I was walking by the books when I noticed a paperback copy of the book "Return of the Living Dead." The movie is based on the book written by John Russo. I thought this was pretty cool, considering it was a British edition, in really good shape, and only $.75. I happened to open it up to the title page when I noticed the autograph. It is definitely a signiture, but I haven't figured out how to verify if it is actually John Russo's yet. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.


The problem with having the hobby of searching for vinyl records in thrift stores and dollar bins, is that you often end up with a large back-log of records that you haven't listened to. I currently have a very large stack of records that I have purchased for $1 and not llistened to. This happened mainly bacause collections are generally given away or sold at the same time, thus all the good stuff is there at once. For the price you can't go wrong, but having the time to listen to them is often difficult. I am on spring break (from teaching) this week and I am pledging to myself that I will get through most of these records. Many of them have been laying around for months, and deserve to be listened to. Today I have listened to:

Randy Newman "12 Songs"
Eric Clapton "461 Ocean Boulevard"
Def Leppard "Pyromania"
Waylon Jennings "Music Man"
Derek and the Dominoes "Layla..."
Peter Gabriel "S/T" Note: This is the second (1978) of the three self titled records he released.

I am planning on listening to at least one other record before the day is through. That means I only have about 60 more to go.