I am one busy S.O.B. Between tutoring, the restaurant and Grad school I am feeling a bit overwhelmed but I am really on the ball--surprisingly. I went 2 weekends ago for my first interview for a teaching position. Caroline County had a job fair and I got to interview with the Middle School principal and the High School principal. Both went OK. Caroline County is about 25 miles from here so it's not my first choice, but if they offer me a job and no one else does I will definitely accept it. I also sent out my teaching applications for Henrico and Richmond City. I really want to work in the City of Richmond so I just followed up my application with a letter to the heads of the City's H.R. department expressing my interest and dropping a few names. Since all of my tutoring assignments are in the City I have really gotten to network a bunch. I am playing my cards just the way they should be played. I will use anything I possibly can, if it will get me a full-time teaching position for the Fall and I can quit that fucking restaurant.

I am going to see Sigur Ros on the 19th of March--so if you are reading this and going to the show, I will see you there.

Good luck to you Corey with the new job. Thanks again for the CD's. I will get that mix out to you as soon as I have some spare time.

My schedule has changed at the restaurant. The bane of my existence (working Sunday nights), has finally gone away. It is nice to have Sunday's off for the the first time in well over a year. Grad-school is going great, tutoring is fantastic, and the restaurant is almost tolerable. I would quit the restaurant if I thought someplace else would be any different, but hopefully soon I won't have to work in any restaurant.

I have a presentation in my class tomorrow night and I just completed my first Powerpoint presentation ever. It is great. Even though the presentation is on an educational case study, I utilized a halloween motive and put my inifinitely small graphic design skills to good use. I hope to floor everybody. I really like Powerpoint--I have also been learning how to utilize it while teaching. Awesome. I have finally found something that I find emotionally fulfilling, enjoyable and can make a living at.

I am fucking machine. I drink caffeine constantly and eat chocolate like there's a shortage of it. I will succeed this time. I am moron hear me roar!!!