First Day

Today was the first day for students. We've been back for a week but didn't get kids until today. Turns out we have a large g@ng problem at the high school. Scary sh*t. We've got Bl00ds, Cr!p$, Wh!te P0wer and even some M$-!3 activity. Pardon the letter removal thing, but in the interest of safety and web-searches -it's important. There is currently a contract out on the life of a former colleague (and friend). He was doing his job as a resource off!cer (basicaly a c0p at the school). He tried to stop the g@ngs and now they want him dead. Lots of colors and drug-dealing, some mugging, store robberies, and home invasions. I've been in bad shape (mentally) ever since I got hurt breaking up that fight back in March and things are not getting better. I am actually frightened at work. I should've been a rock-star. I'm going to talk to somebody tomorrow (a trained mental-health professional) and I've decided that the first time something really violent happens again, where I feel threatened, I am breaking contract and quitting on the spot. Working here is not worth my life. Small-towns are not like they used to be, that's for sure.

Hope all is well.