I finally sucked it up and bought a laptop. I bought a Dell c600 off of ebay. 1000 mhz P3 processor aith 256 mb of Ram, Windows XP Pro as the OS, DVD drive. I got for $361 plus shipping. I am damn stoked about. Its a few years old but has better specs than my desktop and I will be able to use it for teaching which is nice. This is my geekiest post ever. Dig it. A friend is hooking me up with some additional software, and I think I'm going to buy a carrying case from Timbuk 2.

In other news, I am at war with Netflix. When we moved out to Farmville they changed my nearest shipping facility to Gaithersburg, MD. Farmville is 70 miles from downtown richmond but 200 from Gaithersburg, MD. Somebody dropped the ball and I am f*cking pissed. I have not been able to take full advantage of my membership because they messed up. I basivcally emailed them yesterday and said that I am cancelling if this is not rectified in a satisfactory manner. Its a good company to deal with when they're not screwing you over. The best part is that my shipping facility was the facility in Richmond when we lived there. It only changed after the move. In my email to them I suggested they check Mapquest if they don't believe it, and that perhaps someone should have done this sooner. I haven't heard back yet. Doesn't anyone there check this crap?


Pat Roberts*n has called for the assasination of the leader of Venezuela. Now I am pretty sure one of the anti-abortion arguments is that humans do not have the right to decide when something should live or die. Isn't it hipocritical to call for the assasination of someone while simultaneously condemning those individuals who have abortions? Just a question.

I am not putting Robertson's full name in the post because my comments section will end up full of people defending him.

Anew look for a new year. I realized last night that this site turned 4 last month. Its crazy to think that I worked at Circuit Sh!tty when I started this.


We started back to school on August 3rd, and students started coming on August 10th. We will be done next year by Memorial Day which will be cool, but right now this sucks. I am having one of those days today where I am so sick of being surrounded by teenagers and listening to them say everything in a yell. I have a headache the size of Montana. My classes are cool but they are fairly large. Hope all is well.