I have been really depressed for about two weeks now. See this is the kind of depression brought on by life's sh!ttiness, so my medication is only but so effective. The medecine keeps away the feelings of hopelessness and it dampens the utter crappy feeling a bit, but it doesn't make it better. I don't really feel like mentioning the reasons for the depression, but they are valid and fairly serious. It sucks when you are sad and realize that your outlook has nothing to do with it; things just suck.


The past is haunting me.

An email was just forwarded to me from a mutual "friend" regarding the new contact information for a former roommate of mine. He now lives in Richmond, and his address indicates that he lives really close to me. The problem is this; I am really not sure if I want to contact him or not. We got along fairly well, but I realize that judging from the people he sent his information to, he is still in contact with people that I don't like. At first I thought: "I should totally contact him." After a few minutes I am thiking I should keep my mouth shut and figure that our paths will cross at some point and I will worry about things then.


Git Yo Grub On

Today I was driving through the east-end here in Richmond, when I saw a new restaurant. The restaurant is located near the ever-suspicious "Black Tie Social Club." The restaurant is located in an abandoned gas station and has no windows. The name of the establishment is "Git Yo Grub On!" The signs for the place consist of spray paint on plywood, one sign on either side of the door. Sounds like a great place to eat.



You have probably realized by now that the site looks different than it used to. The header graphic will be changing as soon as I can get into the free web space that Verizon has promised me as part of our DSL service. I hope you like it.


I am at my first class of the summer and it is horribly boring. It is a required instructional technology course and I really don't need to be taught how to use the Microsoft Office suite. They're going to teach me how to save a file as a jpeg!!

In completely unrelated news, the new Morrissey album is really good. Not great, but definitely a very solid record. His voice is very strong, and the lyrics are amazing as always. I do want to mention that this record seems more overtly political than much of his previous work. Well Morrissey, I'm here to tell you that many of us that live here don't like this country very much either right now.


We now have DSL, but it is running at a fraction of where it should be speed-wise. I have spent 8 hours working with verizon in an effort to fix the problem, and we have determined that there is a problem on my end. I have 194000+ K or RAM but I only have 80000 available. Verizon thinks that this is the problem and it makes sense. Does anyone have any ideas? I have done scans for adware and spyware which helped a bit. My current connection speed is about 369 kb/s.


I went on-line earlier today at school and placed my order with Verizon for DSL. They say I should have my "installation kit" and be operational by 5-17-04. I stopped at Comp USA on the way home and purchased the cheapest Ethernet card they had ($18) and just completed installing that. I am so excited about having a fast internet connection it is ridiculous. I am going to download so many songs.

I submitted my teaching application for Henr!co last week, and today I told the administrator who wanted to hook me up that it had been submitted. Cross your fingers. Say your prayers. Kill a puppy as tribute to ST. Thomas Equinas. Do whatever you need to do.

In semi-related news, I received my grade for this past semester today--yet another A. I know I'm bragging, but I damn proud that I have a 4.0 GPA (so far) in graduate school. Classes for the summer start next week. I will be taking the last 2 classes I need for my certification, then its only 5 more classes to receive my Masters. Of course one of those classes is actually my "thesis." Note thesis is in quotes because its called something different but is basically the same thing.


Here's the letter I worte to the headhunter. I think that it is fairly self-explanatory.

Mr. K*lly,

Thank you for offering to reschedule the phone interview. However, I do not wish to do so. To be frank, your company has left me with a very negative impression. To begin with, after I sent in my application, it was not acknowledged for nearly four weeks, although the application only was mailed from Richmond to Charlottesville. When it was acknowledged that your company had received the application, it was in the form of a letter stating that the company had not received a signed ST@ contract. This is not true. I have a photocopy of the signed contract that was in the envelope. I have heard nothing else about the signed contract.

Next, I received an email from you to schedule the interview, which we did, but something came up on your end. Unfortunately, I had made plans to call you from a location other than my home, and was inconvenienced by the cancellation on such short notice. Also, when I called to speak with you, the secretary made reference to everyone leaving early for a graduation party. I sincerely hope this was not the reason the interview was cancelled.

Today I received an email telling me that my application is incomplete. But since we were continuing with the interview process, the application must have been complete. Why did I receive that email? It is for these reasons that I do not wish to continue the application process. I do not wish to align myself with an organization that consistently makes mistakes and acts in an unprofessional manner.

As our relationship is being discontinued, please return my application packet, transcripts, test scores and all letters of reference to me via USPS. Since it does not indicate on your website or on the application that these are your property, I do not anticipate a problem. Please send these items to the address you have on file.

Sc*tt D. W!se

I love telling someone to f*ck off without saying "f*ck off."


A) The beach was lots of fun. Now I only have a 2 day work week.

B) We are going to get DSL. I know cabel is faster, but we don't have cable TV service so they want twice the cost of DSL. Forget that.

C) I just had to tell an education headhunter to get f*cked. If someone says they want to see it, I will post it here for your viewing pleasure.

D) The Weeping Radish Brewery in North Carolina makes excellent beer.