My tattoo artist had to move my appointment. It was supposed to be tomorrow but now it's Tuesday. Not much else to report, it's Friday morning and this has been a long week complete with a student telling me something I said was the "stupidest thing [she] had ever heard." Boy teaching can be fun. ;)

Tomorrow is March and we are looking forward to our first winter in the mountains coming to an end.

Hope all is well.


A few weeks ago there was a strange series of events in F@rmville where I taught for 3 years and Kim taught for 2. Here goes. There were two physical altercations at the high school. Both of these were gang related. This in turn spilled out into the community. Last year I had a student that I suspected was involved in gang activity. I told the school resource officer that he was involved in illegal activity. He had knowledge of crimes that could only be known by a participant and was talking about his guns. A few days after the incidents at the high school, the student I just referred to (allegedly/probably) murdered another individual. He is in jail without bond on first degree murder charges. The victim might have also been a former student, but I have been unable to confirm that as of yet.

Obviously the police were called to the shooting. One of the police cars responding to the scene was involved in an accident. The other car involved was being driven by my former principal's husband and she was in the passenger seat. The husband died and my former principal was critically injured. At this point it looks like she will survive as will the police officer. There was another gang related shooting last week. I have a feeling that the whole town will explode as soon as the weather gets warm. Thank God we got out of there.

In completely unrelated news; I am getting tattooed in a few weeks. Still working on the upper right arm. This time I am getting a zombie on the inner arm. Pics will follow.

Work is good. The kids this semester are overall a much more enjoyable group to deal with. Less behavioral issues so far.