I think that tonight, "Iron Maiden's gonna get (me)!" I saw the set list they have been playing on this leg of the tour and there are some great choices in there. Number of the Beast, Run to the Hills, The Clairvoyant etc... 14 songs including the encores. It should be damn fun. In other concert related news, tonight is the first night of the Dylan and The Dead tour--that means I get to find out set list information tomorrow. Goody, Goody Gumdrops!

Today was my last day of teaching summer school. None of my students showed up to take the test today. I think that is a clear demonstration of the types of students I have been dealing with. Oh well, at least it is over.


Two posts in one day. Dig it!

I finally got an email from my professor regarding my History paper. I received a 110. I am a genius. Well, OK not really-at this point I should be getting grades like this in a 100 level History class. If I wasn't there would probably be something wrong.

The test earlier was easy, but filled with typos and crap. I hate that. I mean if you are a teacher the one thing you want to proof-read very carefully is the test. I know because I pay more attention to the tests I give than anything else. The worst part about pursuing a career in education is that it makes the flaws of your own teachers that much more aggravating.

In other news Kim is in NY for a wedding, so I am going to spend the weekend having unprotected sex with eveyone I know. I may also consider reading and relaxing. I guess you'll all have to wait and see.
I have my last History test in 45 minutes and my last education class for the semester tomorrow. I will be really glad to be done with all this crap. The 100 level History class has been twice the work of the 500 level Education class. There is something very wrong about that. At least it is almost over.

I just had to make an appointment to see a dermetologist. I was told that the next available appointment was 9/4--so I took it. I told the girl that I would take an appointment with any doctor at any time and that was the first available. Last time I called, about 2 months ago, I was able to get an appointment for the next week. It was obvious that the girl didn't know what she was doing, and was rude in addition. Sometimes I am so tempted to say to someone: "I know that you are wrong and lying to me. Just wanted you to know that." I undersatnd getting nasty when someone is being rude to you but I was being really nice (because I am used to dealing with rude people). Some individuyals do not have the right temperament for customer service positions. I am thinking of calling back next week to see if someone else has something different to tell me.


I am such an idiot. I just heard about the Iron Maiden show and I struggled to get someone to cover my shift at the restaurant tomorrow night, and didn't realize until I talked to Corey that the concert is next Tuesday and I am off. Needless to say I was elated and I just got myself a ticket. I tried to go to a ticketmaster outlet, but the those in Richmond don't sell DC area tickets, so I had to buy on-line. With all the services charges the ticket ended up being $22. It is well worth it to see Maiden, Motorhead and Dio, but considering the ticket price itself was $9.98 that is a bit screwed up. Oh well--I guess it was easier to buy online than to drive up to Fredericksburg to buy a ticket. Everyone please give the horns in honor of this amazing event.


Many thanks go out to the lovely and talented laze, for his assistance in getting my comments section working again.


After my education class today, I stopped at my favorite pawn shop in Fredericksburg. They had great stuff--2 DVDs $8 each--Zombie Holocaust and Cannibal The Musical, 4 cds $3 each--Tool's "Lateralus", Rage Against The Machine's "Battle For Los Angeles", a Hank Williams III disc and Outkast's Greatest Hits. The only thing that sucks is that the wrong CD was in the Outkast case--it was Reel Big Fish. Next time I am up there I need to exchange it, unless of course I suddenly develop a taste for absolute crap.

I am thinking about doing a paper zine. While I enjoy my blog, I have recently been feeling the need to self-publish something on actual paper. I know call me old-school. Whereas this blog is devoted mostly to my daily life, the zine would be devoted to longer amusing stories from the past and present. Plus it would give me the opportunity to do some comics and some artwork.

I have so much school-work right now it is absolutely amazing. By July 25 I have to complete 5 quizzes (on-line), a test, 2 papers, 2 group projects, and read approximately 400 pages worth of material. Of course this is in addition to working 2 jobs, doing all my planning for teaching and attempting to sleep now and again. If anyone knows a good meth-amphetamine dealer in Richmond please drop me a line. The messed up thing is that I am not even behind in my classes, this is stuff that is due within this time period.


The damn restaurant is open tomorrow, which means that I have to work when everybody else is off. Is anybody going to come in to eat? Not really. Many of our customers are on vacation and the rest will be doing things other than eating out.

You know, the other day my students told me that I was a really good teacher. It felt really good. When things like that happen it makes going in to the restaurant and taking shit from a bunch of yuppie-scum that much more difficult. Going from having complete control during the day and feeling fulfilled, to having to be nice to people I hate really sucks. I have nothing in common with the people who eat at that place. They might as well be a different fucking species. I think they are ridiculous--their expensive clothes, their marriages of convenience and divorce settlements, their alimony and child-support payments, their gigantic SUVs etc... It is all bullshit. The superficiality of it all would be nauseating, if the individuals weren't so damn laughable. To anyone who eats in the restaurant--my smile masks a contempt for you that runs deeper than you can imagine. Tonight was a bad night at work in case you haven't guessed.

Enjoy your holiday. I hope you all have the day off.