My current landlords and I are no longer on speaking terms. I have neglected to post about most of what has been going on over the course of the past 6 months, for a variety of reasons--the main reason being that I am trying to avoid getting worked up about it etc... Our landlords have spent the last 6 months being neglectful. We have had major heating issues all winter long and the landlords have been terrible about attending to even this, the most basic of human needs.

The heat went out last week, but we didn't care because it was 80 degrees out, well when I woke up this moring and it was 58 degrees in the apartment, I was needless to say a little bit angry. This is at least the 20th time the heat has broken this year. No joke. I was too angry to call myself, so Kim called at 8:30 this morning. They said that they would send somebody over. I got home from tutoring at 11:30 and the heat still wasn't working, so I gave them a call. I have been more than reasonable over the last 6 months, but that was about to change. They began by apologizing, I quickly interrupted and said: "I don't wann be an asshole, but I really don't care about your apologies." It progressed from there. I told them that I am telling everyone never to rent from them, because they are "slumlords". They told me that they are the property managers, and that all repairs must go through the owner first and that he has a seperate maintenece company--thus it is not their fault and I shouldn't be dragging their name through the mud. I quickly replied that I write my rent check to them directly, not the owner, and call them directly for all maintenace concerns and therefore; they are responsible. She said that she was upset that I was calling and yelling at her since it wasn't ther fault. I said who was I suppossed to call? She paused and then said--"Me." I am so glad that we decided to move and are moving at the end of the month. I told Kim that she will have to call the office in the future. The story goes on, but I think you get the drift.

The way I see it is they are my landlords, and if they are entered into an ineffective contract with the owner of this building then it is their fault, not mine. Over the course of the last 6 months they could have done something about the maintenace situation, but chose not to, therefore they are far from blameless. I also called the owner a "scumbag". I wish companies would just stand up and take responsibility. How can you pass the buck, when you are the only individuals we have access to, or have ever had any contact with? I don't even know the owner's name. I hope these people go out of business. If you live here and want to know the name of the company, so you can avoid renting from them in the future, please email me.