Though I follow the news very closely, particularly in relation to American government, I very rarely comment on anything. The Washington Post has just released a confirmation by reporter Bob Woodward regarding the identity of "Deep Throat," the individual who helped Woodward and Bernstein break the Watergate scandal which led to President Nixon's resignation. The individual's name is W. Mark Felt, a former employee of the FBI. For a government teacher who just showed the movie "All the President's Men" about the Woodward and Bernstein investigation, this is gigantic news. This is amazing, after 30+ years the identity of Deep Throat has finally been released. I never thought it would happen.


My father had been battling lung cancer since last October. A few weeks ago we discovered that the cancer had spread to his brain. On may 8th Kim and I were married. My father died in his sleep this past Wedesday (May 18th). He had a great time at our wedding and at the dinner afterward he truly seemed to be having a great time, that was the last time I saw him alive. We drank pints of Guiness and Newcastle and everyone just hung out. The day before his passing my Mother told me that he could not remember our wedding, did not know where his mother was nor if she was alive or dead. While I will miss him, I am glad that he is not suffering any longer. Watching him deteriorate was much more difficult than dealing with the loss has been. I was trying to get him to go see the new Star Wars movie when it came out. Obviously, he did not make it to the film. Yesterday I went and saw it for both of us and even left a seat open for him, in case he wanted to come down and join me. Afterward I went and had the Rebel Alliance symbol from Star Wars tattooed on my lower back in his honor. The tattoo looks great and I know he would like it. We didn't always see eye to eye, but in the last few years we became close. Part of what drew us together was our love of Sci-fi and horror. I hope they show kick-ass movies in heaven non-stop, and I am confident there is no suffering. Someday we will meet again.


I was browsing the web a little while ago and discovered an article that has greatly disturbed me. Here's the link:


The story involves a live dog being dissected in a Utah high school. The article is not for the faint of heart. I have located the information for the high school, here goes:

PO BOX 460 35 East 600 South Gunnison, Utah 84634
Phone: (435) 528-7256 Fax: (435) 528-3556

The Biology teacher's name is Doug Bjerregaard.

The school is located in rural Utah and has a student population of 349. Here's a link with more info about the school including an actual street address.

I sent out this information to a number of websites, and I would like to think both Ryan and his Veg Blog, as well as the folks at Vegsource.com for helping get the word out and for linking back to this post and the contact information.