New Tattoo Pics. Enjoy.
Halloween Tattoo 3

Halloween Tattoo 2

**Note the blood all over my neck in the second picture. I had just shaved. I had also just eaten, that's why I have a little gut. I still only weigh 152, I haven't gotten thick it just looks like it. ; )

The first semester is now over. I have 2 teacher workdays, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, and I get new students on Wednesday.


It sems like I have been meaning to post here for months and never get around to it. I still have a lot to say but amazingly enough both for me as an individual, and as someone who speaks all day long, I don't necessarily always know how to say it. I guess the older I get the harder I find it to convince myself that my thoughts and daily activities can be condensed into a short and readable post without bordering on banality. This coupled with the fact that I am usually fairly exhausted makes coming up with stuff to write for this blog all the more difficult. I still have things to say; but using this site as a forum in which to say them is becoming increasingly difficult. For those of you keeping track here goes nothing:

Christmas and the New Year were good. I got to see my niece and she is growing and developing at an unbelievably fast rate. She uses words correctly that many of the high school seniors I deal with could not even spell. She's 4 1/2. Kinda sad.

Work is OK. The first year in a new school district is always a bitch and this is certainly no exception. I am ready for summer. The first semester is almost over and I will get entirely new students in a couple of weeks. I am definitely ready to be done with the ones I have now. One thing about working in education; you realize all too quickly how deficient most high school seniors are with regard to basic skills and knowledge.

Kim is fine, and the cats are fine. The house is coming along, albeit very slowly.

Hope all is well.