Stephen--if you're reading this, I got you message last week but I don't have your number so call and leave it or email it to me.

Picked up a great road bike this weekend. A late 1980's Peugeot Tourmalet. Nice and super light. Great condition and a great ride. Need some toe-clips but other than that I'm good. Had it converted to a single-speed. So when you're in Farmville, Va and you see a guy riding a white Peaugeot single-speed road bike. That's me. Definitely.

Hope all is well.


I had to share this. The quote comes from an email I received from England's Guardian newspaper. The author is discussing the USA's World Cup performance. Here goes:

"After all, soccer is by no means the most popular sport stateside: it trails miles behindgridiron, baseball, shooting sprees, insider trading, surfing for bongo, gorging on cheeseburger-flavoured gherkin ice-creams with 12 gallons of Pepsi and making 58,768 versions of the same action movie."

Though it's always worth reading the British press, I am especially fond of it at times like this.