I took the final for my Russian History class on June 1. It needed to be sent to S.L.C. in Utah--the class is through Brigham Young University. They received it on June 15. It took two weeks to make it from Lynchburg, VA to Utah via "first class mail." WTF? I have had things make it to my house from Portland, OR via media mail in way less time than that. Of course the whole time I was thinking; what if my final is lost in the mail? What happens then? Do I have to retake it? In other words I was stressing the hell out. Hopefully they'll post my grade soon and I can apply for and receive my collegiate-professional teaching licensce.

Had a couple of interviews last week. One was horrible, the school that is, and the other was f*cking awesome. Hopefully I'll hear soon.


Almost 2 months without a post. Of course there's been a ton of stuff going on. here goes:

The school year is done, we finished last week. Thank God. Kim has 2 job offers in the Shenendoah Valley and will be deciding between the 2 shortly.

I have an interview tomorrow, and another possibility out there as well.

Recently, I have spent hours fixing my ipod. It somehow became corrupted and I was finally able to restore the factory seetings and then reload it. Took a ton of time. As I was spending hours working on it, I thought all these modern "conveniences" are sometime amazingly inconvenient and more trouble than they're worth. Of course I love it again now that its working again.

I've already read like 25 books so far this year. I kick ass and stuff. ; )

Tim Barry (of Avail) has an album out called "Rivanna Junction"--it's available on CD and LP from Suburban Home Records. It is amazingly good. Honest country stuff. Highly recommended.