Hello everyone. Well I ended up skipping the tattoo appointment. I hate to say it but in part I wasn't ready for the "blue collar commitment." It is nice to have my tattoos but at the same time be able to keep them covered and not be relegated to long sleeves in the hot-humid Virginia summer. So I bought a motorcycle instead. It needs work,but that's what summer vacation is for. :) It is a 1983 Yamaha Virago XV750 Midnight Edition. It's pretty much all blacked out--even the engine and the pipes. Looks nice. Good deal too. Gotta re-build the carbs and maybe some electrical work then it should be straight.

The kids are getting crazy. About 5 weeks left in the year and I'm ready to kill a few of them, and most are probably ready to kill me, and all are ready to graduate.

I had my first (former) student killed in Iraq this past week. He graduated from the last district a couple of years ago. I almost failed him and if I had he wouldn't have been able to get into the Marines. Strange-I passed him because I felt the Marines could teach him more than any more time in high school could. I feel slightly guilty but I am comfortable with my choice. I actually didn't care for the kid, but I certainly didn't want him dead and I sure as hell didn't want him to die in a pointless war halfway around the world. Yes folks--the war is pretty much pointless. Most of you already know that. The rest will realize it eventually. Sounds like Vietnam doesn't it? Then again-it sounded that way pretty much from the start.

Hope all is well. Enjoy the Spring.