A few days ago I was driving home when I was suddenly struck with the urge to vommit. Now I still vommit more than most people, but way less than I used to. I fortunately had a plastic bag in which to regurgitate as oppossed to ruining the upholstry on my brand new truck. During the course of throwing-up I managed to get some on my sweatshirt. This is a blue hooded sweatshirt I had bought 10 days prior to the "puking on route 460" event. This made me reaffirm the way I look at my possesions. Its not truly mine until I get throw-up on it. My shoes, shirts, pants, jackets etc... have almost without exception all had puke on them at one time or another. Enjoy the visual. Remember when are visualizing this that since I puked almost everyday for years, the muscles involved are extremely powerful. When I puke, it is almost exclusively of the projectile variety. I believe my record is about 6 feet.

In other news my father needs bypass surgery but cannot have it because he is having problems with his lungs. He went to a specialist yesterday and though we feared the worst, it was not cancer or amphezema. He will be on oxygen for the rest of his life and he can't have the surgery but at least its not cancer. The worst part is that we had to wait 2 weeks for the doctor's appointment. Two whole weeks of fearing that he had cancer. Everyone involved has a been a total wreck for the last few weeks.

If you are interested in purchasing a Slingshot! organizer they are now available in two sizes and can be purchased from Microcosm Publishing. They also have lots of cool shirts, stickers, patches, pins, and zines. Cheap prices, but they are not that good about shipping stuff out in a timely manner, though definitely worth the wait.

Have a Happy Halloween!


Last night was the high school homecoming game. We found out on Manday that teachers are required to work either the game of the dance. I chose the game. My assignment was to sit behind the school with my department chair and make sure that no one tried to sneak in. Fortunately there was a gate with a ticket-taker and a cop further down so we didn't do anything. As I am a consumate professional, I did what any professional would do prior to returning to work; I drank 3 beers and a shot of whiskey. Needless to say the game went by quickly and all I did was sit in the passengers sheet of my boss's 89 Jimmy. Damn that truck is comfortable, and really big.

At the pep rally yesterday my students decided to dress me up in a purple sparkly shawl, a long gold glitter wig, a purple tiarra and a stuffed eagle on my shoulder. Our colors are purple and gold and our team is called the Eagles. The character known as "Spirit Man" was invented and attended the pep-rally, he used a large purple foam hand making the "number one sign" to instill spirit in passers-by. He even handed the "spirit-stick" to the winner of the fundraising campaign. The kids loved it.

Yesterday a student of mine used me as an example of a good teacher in his senior english class. It made me feel pretty darn proud when I was told that.

Not much else going on. Hope all is well.