About 5 years ago I began carrying a pocket knife. I've lived in some very sketchy parts of town and felt more comforable with a weapon, but don't really dig guns. You generally don't accidentally stab someone. ;) I chose a Spyderco, mainly based on recomendations from others and their sweet spider logo. The knife has served me well. I once pulled it on someone, with intent to use it in a bad situation, and have used it countless times around the house etc... There are 3 screws that hold on the pocket clip. I lost one of them years ago and another this weekend. I emailed the company about buying some more and they are sending me more for free, as well as being prompt and courteeous with their responses.

If you need a knife, go buy a Spyderco. I have the "Delica" model, but all models are excellent and their customer service is clearly outstanding. They're relatively expensive, as all quality knives are, but well worth the investment. They hold their sharpness very well, and are extremely durable.

I belive it's important to promote companies that provide excellent service and that's what this is all about. So if you're wondering WTF!? -That's why.

In other news, I have officially resigned and won't be at this school next year. Too much bad crap and nonsense. Same for Kim. The fallout from an incident before spring break has been so bad, that I have had both the superintendant and a school board member apologize to me multiple times in person. I told them I stood by my decision and that enough was enough. We'll be buying a house this summer and moving to the Shenendoah Valley area. We've already been applying for teaching jobs up there and what not.

Hope all is well.