Not much to say, but here are some links:

The new Alien Vs. Predator trailer.

The Metallica:Some Kind of Monster trailer. Those guys seem like comlete d!cks who despise each other. You have to see this - Lars barks in Hetfield's face.

The website for my Instructional technology class. All the links to my other projects are working. Dig the PowerPoint.

An amazing crop cirle formation in the UK. I think a lot of the circles are haoxes, but this one is almost too complex to be faked. Dig the reference to Tesla (the inventor not the band).


After two years of working in some of the worst schools this town has to offer, often working 2 jobs and taking classes, I was contaced by Pr!nce Edw@rd C*unty earlier today and offered a full-time postion teaching Social tudies for the fall. The commute will probably wear thin after a while, but it is worth it. The district is very small, has excellent test scores and places a strong emphasis on technology. I am so happy right now I could burst. I will actually have health benefits and sick time. That will be a refreshing change.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way, and reassured me that everything would work out.


I had my interview today with Pr!nce Edward c*unty. I don't want to jinx myself, but I think it went well. They told me that I should hear by the end of the week. I am very impressed with the district itself-they place a strong emphasis on technology and a sense of community. The building itself was fairly new and I really liked the principal, very polite and complimentary. Everyone was very friendly. Cross your fingers for me.

I can honestly say that I did my best.


Last week I posted that if you wanted you could buy me this. I couldn't resist the urge and bought it for myself. You can still buy me a game if you want.

Here's a great site. You generally cannot go wrong with Biblical stories etc... reenacted using Legos.

My interview is Tuesday. I already pressed the clothes, shined the shoes, cut my nails etc... I'm ready damnit. Tomorrow I will compile a list of questions I intend to ask and review the education interviewing tips I have received.


I posted on Monkeys Throwing Poo, that I sent in an application to Pr!nce Edward County yesterday. They called me today and I have an interview next week. Cross your fingers.


Nintendo for Free

I found out that by using the Limewire file sharing program and a Nintendo emulator you can download lots of Nintendo games for free. It is amazing how small the games are, they are about 1/30th the size of your average song. Even with a dial-up connection, you could download a game in a couple of minutes.

In other Nintendo news, if you are feeling generous you could buy me this.


There is this stupid high school girl that works in Kim's office after school. About 2 weeks ago she was really sick but came to work anyway, of course she managed to get everyone else sick too. Kim brought the sickness home to me and I have been sick since last Wednesday. Summer colds are the worst - I can't ever seem to shake them. I want this high school girl dead, her time is up.

In other news thanks to the wonders of the internet and our DSL conection I have able to procure lots of music, movie clips etc... This makes me happy.