The posts have been scarce here recently. When this happens to me generally it is because there is not much going on worth writing about. This time I have had so much going on and for a variety of reasons I have been unwilling or unable to post about them. Here goes:

1. My principal has resigned. In the wake of 18 fights and a staff which hates her, she was told to hang it up. She has taken a position in the central office in Lanc@ster,PA.

2. My father was diagnosed with lung cancer. We found out this morning that though the cancer is agressive, it was discovered in the earlier stages and is treateable. They are going to operate next week removing the tumor, some of the lymph nodes, and approximately 1/2 of his lung. He will be in the hospital for 4-7 days and the recupperation period will last about 6 weeks. While all of this sucks, its definitely better than death.

3. I ordered some stuff from No Idea Records. Two old issues of Cometbus and a Planes Mistaken for Stars record. They say that they give free stuff for amusing stories so I sent them a couple of my funnier teaching stories with my order. They gave me so much free stuff. A bunch of stickers, a couple of posters, a zine, and the new Cometbus collection. Wow. Needless to say I was surprised and grateful. Go give them some of your money. They have great releases and an even better distro catalogue.

4. I am planning on doing my own print zine, since I have free access to paper and a copier. I have been writing stuff for it and am working on it in my spare. I am aiming for January 2005 for release. I'll mention more when I have finally decided on the name etc...

5. I hope that all is well in your life. Enjoy the holidays. Posts might be a bit scarce for a bit.

6. Some things I have read recently that are worth checking out, they are all zines: Doris #21, Doris #22, Cometbus #45, Cometbus #46, Cometbus "Double Duece," The Heart Star by Cristoph Meyer, 28 Pages Lovingly Bound With Twine #10, The Zine Yearbook Volume 8. All of the previosly mentioned items are worth checking out they can be ordered from microcosmpublishing.com or No Idea Records.