Tomorrow will be our first day with students. This past week went well; I met most of my colleagues, some parents, and some students. Other than 1 colleague, so far I like everyone.

The house is getting set up, it's taking awhile, but things are going well. The new furniture is all put together and things are finding their way into their appropriate places. With a little luck, everything will be in place by the end of the month and then we can start working on the yard which has been neglected for quite some time.

Reading a bunch of good books, listening to good music. The town and surrounding area is great. The people seem really nice. I have even more random conversations than usual.

There's a bad storm blowing in off the mountain, so it's my time to go.

Hope all is well.

Take Care.


All right, we're in the new house. It's great. We went and bought a bunch of new furniture at IKEA and elsewhere (i.e. Target). I have spent the last 3 days building furniture and setting stuff up. I love my records and CDs, but at times like this I think I wish I collected stamps or something smaller (and lighter). But oh well, what are you gonna do? The books are also a major pain in the @ss. Hopefully we will not be moving again for a while.

The new teaching job starts this week. I have a week and a half of teacher workdays and then we get students on the 20th.

We bought a new computer too, so that won't make me post anymore or anything, but I felt like sharing and sh!t.

I never got around to getting tattooed. Sometime soon though.