I am on summer vacation. One of the only benefits of teaching. Sweet.

Heard from a friend I made in Paris recently and I am also reading Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises, " needless to say: I miss Paris.

Read a great book on the French Revolution recently, it's called "Vive La Revolution" by Mark Steel. Steel is a British comedien and writer who has written probably the best book on European history I have ever read. Smart, Funny, and well-written. Highly recommened for anyone who wants to learn abouit history and have fun doing it.

Hope all is well.


Things have been very quiet around this site recently, of course that's because I've hd a ton of stuff going on.

In late March I was injured breaking up a couple of student altercations. I was out of work for a couple of weeks and it was a mess all around. I hurt my back and neck. It sucked. I'll be in court for this for a few days coming up at the end of the month.

I chapperoned a student trip to France a couple of weeks ago. That country is amazing. It's incredible to walk down down cobblestone streets older than this country. Seeing monuments familiar from pictures but all the more impressive in person. One thing though, the French are not big on vegetarian food. You know you're out of place when there's a store devoted entirely to foie gras.

Trying to get everything set up for the graduating seniors and it's hard. Planning the senior class trip and graduation stuff. It's amazing that I don't get paid extra for doing any of this. I guess I do it bcause I love the kids. At least summer vacation begins in less than a month.