I finally sucked it up and bought a moleskine pocket notebook. I figure how could picasso be wrong? I've been wanting one for a while, but it just fell really low on my list. I mean after all a limited edition 'Exhumed' LP is more important than something to aid my creativity right? I got it yesterday and wrote in it for thefirst time this morning. I'm hoping to use it to write down the ideas that flood my head on a daily basis which I promptly forget because I don't write them down.

I've been listening to a lot of great stuff recently. COC, Exhumed, Kyuss, Ted Nugent and the list goes on. I'm really amazed by Down's NOLA. Just an incredible piece of southern metal.

I've been going to the gym a lot recently. Looking to tone up. I've been going to the gym since August and I'm really happy with the results. I've seen a lot of changes in my shoulders and chest. Some in the arms. I've been riding the exercise bike for about 5 miles three times a week. I don't need to lose any weight - I'm just toning stuff up and improve my overall health. After all I am 30 and things were not as firm as they once were. I'm staying pretty steady at 155 - which is pretty much my ideal weight.

Not much else going on here. Kim's great. Living in the country's great. The cats are great. My desktop was infected with the W32.Alcra.B virus which sucked. It did all kinds of crap, but everything (mostly) is back to normal.

I sincerely hope everything is going well for you all out there.


When my father was dying the doctor's took us on a roller coaster ride saying he was OK and then saying he was not. It was horrible. It happened a few times before they finally said he had cancer and it was terminal. It made the final diagnosis much more difficult to handle. There is something wrong with the media in the US. The fact that news organizations are so desperate to break a story that they published misinformation that has caused a significant amount of pain for the familys of the miners in West Virginia. Saying that 12 people survived and getting the hopes up of the family's of those individuals, and then telling them that 12 perished is horrible. Whoever is responsible for this should be punished. Severely.

Some days just suck. Yesterday I got in a semi-argument with some jock asshole at the gym. One of the other gyms in town closed so now we have all these jack-offs who think they own the place. Its not my fault this guy walked away from the machine he was "using" and started talking to his friend, so I naturally thought he was done and figured I would use the machine. He got pissed that I got on the machine he was "using" -- by using it he apparently meant standing 10 feet away from the device for an extended period of time carrying on a conversation. Then after I apologized (half-heartedly) he wouldn't let it drop he just kept saying "No, I was just talking." Last time I checked if you walk away from a machine like that - it's fair game. I guess he expected me to bow doen and beg for mercy. I wanted to kick him in the balls and walk away. At 4 am Kim woke up to discover that one of our cats had puked all over her blanket. I have a bad cold and feel like crap. I get to work put my laptop bag down on a desk. I take out a book and my laptop promptly falls to the friggin' floor. The catch that keeps the battery in broke, so now a piece of duct tape holds the battery in place. I lost a screw and another came loose. In addition I had to use a couple of small peices of tape to more tightly secure the keyboard because somehow it got loose. F*ck!!!!! Its early as hell and I already want to go back to bed.

Hope all is well. Happy New Year.